Chapter 4: Popularity

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Maddie's POV:
I'm popular. I always have been, but sometimes it sucks. Lots of people hate you and you actually get bullied for being well known, or popular. I like well known better. But then there's the good half of people, the ones who adore you and want to be your best friend, those are my favorites. But I like my small friend group. Everyone wants to sit by us, we have a schedule for who sits where every day. "Maddie take your sunglasses off and your jacket! We are inside now idiot." Kendall says jokingly. "I'm cold, and my eyes hurt." I say, trying to seem like I'm hiding nothing. Chloe comes behind me and takes my sunglasses off. "Hey give me those!" I yell angrily. "Woah..." Kalani mumbles. "What?" I say, playing dumb. "You look like an alien!" Nia shouts. Everyone heard it, so everyone comes to our table and asks 1,000,000 questions. "Why are so pale? Do you need medicine? Whats up with your eyes? Did you get them dialated? Are you sick? Are you-" "QUIET!" I yell, practically in tears from embarrassment. "It's no ones business! Just leave me alone." I walk out of the lunchroom. Lucas Triana, one of the jocks, follows me. "Wait! Maddie!" He repeatedly shouts. God, I hate him. He has a crush on me and I can never date him. Ever. No way. Ew. "What do you want? To call me "Buck Teeth-Ziegler"? I've had enough." I say, with my voice cracking. "No, Maddie.. Listen. I've had something exactly like you. Do your parents have a history with diseases?" Lucas asks. "I don't know.. my moms dead and my dad vanished when I was younger." I say. I hate telling people about that.. It embarrasses me. "Oh.. I.. I'm sorry... But you should ask a doctor about it." Lucas states. "No shit, Einstien." I say sarcastically, hopefully that will lighten the mood. Lucas laughs. "What a cute laugh.. the perfect tone for a male laugh. Wait, snap out of it Ziegler! You dont like him." I think to myself. "Just kidding. Thanks Lucas." I say, and give him a friendly hug. "Bye Maddie!" Lucas Shouts. I wave goodbye. Thank god I get to leave school early for dance, school is my least favorite thing on planet Earth, and this planet is pretty big if you ask me. I'm just glad I do dance.

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