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It all started when I was walking to his house. I was walking and saw this man he looked at me and said something but I didn't hear him, I asked him to please repeat. He said it again but I still couldn't hear him, and then my vision faded until all was dark. I screamed so loud but no heard me. I walked forward then stopped I walked backwards then stopped I reached out a touched something, it felt like a hand, I gripped it, it started to move forwards so I walked with this person. They stopped and let go of me. I was lost in this darkness.

Then I saw a flash of light. At first I thought lightening, then it struck again and I thought otherwise. It looked like a person, a person I knew. Then I figured it out, it was him. As my vision started to come back I could hear him talking to me and trying to get me to respond. He was yelling at me,"Sophia! Sophia! Are you there Sophia!?!?"

I answered slowly, " Sorry... I was thinking about something... important". I lied.

"Well let's get started do you want to do it slowly or do it fast?"

"Um let's take it slow I guess."

"Are you sure you don't want to do it fast it would be quicker."

"No. I've never danced before and I want to learn before the big night. Remember?"

"Yeah I remember." sigh, "Just you do know that there won't be that much dancing right? You'll probably be with me, in the back."

I looked at him with lost eyes and said under my breath, "Yeah... probably."

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