"You're my princess.." A short Niall Horan imagine <3

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#Imagine: You and Niall Horan have just started dating and you really like him and he really likes you. He calls you up one day and asks if you wanna go out that night.You reply with a,"Sure Hun, where we going?" Niall replies, "Its a surprise babe." He picks you up at 8 that night wearing his signature super tight red polo, dark skinny jeans, and a pair of his worn out converse. You didn't know where you were going so you had thrown on your little black dress that worked for any occasion. A pair of your bad ass black boots with the heels that made you look like a biker chick, and some huge hoops. Your lips were glossed and your eyes were lined so that they popped! You had worn your hair curly, and it flowed down your back in large tendrils. Niall took one look at you and he appeared as though he had stopped breathing. "You ok hun?" Niall looks as though he's been caught in an embarrassing act. His cheeks fill with a pinkish blush but he looks directly in your eyes; unafraid. "You look so stunning (Y/N)that I forgot to breathe for a moment. You literally took my breathe away." Now its your turn to blush. Niall quickly steps into you and gives your nose a kiss before picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder. He closes your door behind him and starts walking towards his car. You giggle and scream, "Put me down Niall!! Oh my goodness!" He just continues walking. He puts you down when you reach the car and hands you a blindfold. "Now (Y/N) your going to have to put this on for me ok?" He is completely serious so you quickly put it on. He helps you into the car and you hear your door shut. All you can think about is how this might be the night that you two finally have sex for the first time, and your terrified and excited at the same time. The car ride is silent and all you can hear is the sound of your own heart thumping away in you chest. Your ears feel hot as a picture of what you think you and Niall are going to do later pops into your head. You guys are in the car for what seems like forever before you stop and he gets out of his door. You hear your door open and he tells you that he's going to carry you again. You laugh nervously and you feel him grip your legs as he carries you bridal style to somewhere unknown. The spots where his fingers touch your bare legs burn and the electricity you feel is crazy. You hear a door open and he puts you down. "Im going to undo your blindfold now (Y/N), ok?" Your lips are quivering with excitement and you can barely get the, "Ok," out of your mouth. Niall picks up on how your feeling and chuckles to himself. You feel his fingers wrestle with the knot on the blindfold and then you feel it drop off your face. You take in your surroundings. Its Nialls home. There are rose petals settled all around the entry room and the stairs that lead to his bedroom. The lights are dimmed down low and there are candles lit everywhere. You're so busy taking in all of this that you are oblivious to the fact that Niall has left the room. You see him walking back into the entry room, guitar in hand. You two share a moment of intense eye contact before he takes your hand and leads you to the couch. "(Y/N) I've never felt like this before. Its like when im with you my whole mood changes and i cant think about anything else except you. Your the first thing i think about when i wake up and the last thing before i go to bed. I know we havent been together for a long time but i think i might...i might...i think i love you (Y/N). I was going to take you to meet the boys tonight but i felt that tonight could be more special.." He stops talking as he realizes what he's just said. You kiss his cheek gently and ask him what the guitar is for. He instantly perks up, "I wrote you a song. Do you want to hear it?" You nod your head, yes. He begins to play a song on his guitar. Its perfect, flawless, and its yours. He finishes it and lays the guitar down next to him. He moves close to you and puts his soft lips to your ears. You shiver at the small touch. "Did you like the song?" You look at his eyes, his nose, his mouth. "Yes hun. Its beautiful." Niall smiles, "YOU'RE beautiful babe." You take your hands and move them to his neck. He takes his and places them on your hips. You two begin to kiss. It starts slow and calm but soon it turns into a full on makeout session that both of you are really into. Before you know it Niall is on top of you, one hand going up your thigh the other roaming the upper half of your body. Your hands are underneath his shirt, in his hair, on his neck, you really cant decide what part of Niall James Horan you want tonight and then it hits you. You want all of him. Niall's hands have now found their way onto your bra and you didnt even notice. You break free of the passionate kiss and say with an unsteady breath, "Niall, can tonight be...the night...?" Niall is catching his breath but he manages to reply, "Thought you'd never ask." The two of you continue the kiss for a few more minutes before he starts getting up. You dont want to let go of his body though so you wrap your knees around his strong torso and continue to kiss him. He chortles a bit "Babe i need to see where im going. I mean it is a bit dark in here.." You bring your lips to his jaw and you run them along his jawline. You give him small kisses that start at the top of his ear and end at the base of his neck. You nibble his ear and he leans into you. You suck on his neck and he moans a bit. You continue this until you guys have somehow managed to make it into his room without falling down the stairs or tripping. He still is holding you but now he's back in the game. He slams you into a wall and starts kissing you back forcefully. His hands are making their way into your panties and you you cant help but gasp a bit. Niall stops and looks at you with concern. "I want this Niall. I want YOU." He softly pecks your lips and returns his hands. While his fingers work down there his other hand cups your bra, and then his hand is in your dress and under your bra and he's like a 14 year old boy. Hesitant. Not sure if he can continue. You release your leg's grip on his torso and tell him to undress you. He obliges and in less than a minute you stand there naked. He takes you in and you glance down at his pants....your eyes are kinda stuck there for a moment and you realize that THAT is going to be in you soon... oh dear lord. He removes his shirt and pants....and then his boxers, and your both standing there nude. He licks his lips with pure desire before grabbing you again. This time he picks you up and lays you on the bed. You begin kissing again..and the kiss leads to more and more and then you two have done it and you're so happy as you take in huge gulps of air. You both lay together in bed and he runs his fingers through your hair. You look in those big blue eyes. "I love you Niall. Im sorry i didnt say it earlier when you played me my song." Niall's smile is a mile wide as he pulls you into a hug. "You're my princess (Y/n) forever and ever. I love you so much." You fall asleep in the boy of your dream's arms.

Hey guys so this is my first imagine so no hate, just constructive criticism :) I wasnt going to be too dirty for this first one btw, so im sorry if you were expecting this to be "that" kind of imagine ;) Hope u liked it

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