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Now, we come to the most important and boring part of all

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Now, we come to the most important and boring part of all.

Remember: if these are not followed, your form will be ignored. Do not pester me in my inbox asking if you were accepted or not. If you are, you will know. I don't have time for idiotic questions and you could be using that time to follow the rules instead. 🙂

1. You are required to follow me. It's a pretty basic request. If I see you unfollow me, you will be moved to the Blacklist. No more Graphics from me. Simple af.

2. Add this book and Katana- The Slayer to your public reading list. And give this book a shoutout while tagging me.

3.My watermark will always be present on the cover. No negotiation.

4. The cover has to be up for at least 3 weeks. Inform me when you are going to take it down.

5. I am not that talented in making aesthetics/ moodboards/ banners though I have made some.

If you request one, I'll definitely try but just a warning that my lack of experience will probably show.

I'm obviously trying to gain experience as I go, so I am looking for contests that let me do so. When I do feel confident enough, the above lines will be omitted.

6. Your book should be published with at least three chapters or one for short stories/poetry for me to know how I should move forward with the cover. This rule is not for the V.I.P.s and they'll know who they are.

7. Don't shop hop. If you have already asked for a cover from someone else, don't come to me. It's rude.

This is all I can think of for now, I'll add as I find some rules that need to be mentioned.

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