Chapter 2- Unknown's POV's

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I finally arrived at the place where she is, I was greeted by Jack, as we walked into the room I asked:
"How she passed this week? She behaved?"
"Yes! She is a good girl!" He say
"I know, but sometimes is rebel! I want to talk to her" I say
The door opened, I entered and sat in the chair that was in the center of the room. I took my sunglasses:
"Hello Miss Stacy" I say
"Oh no, what do you want with me? You do not think I've ever torture enough?" Gwen spoke screaming
" I said it was not for you to talk to me like that! Your life is in my hands!" I spoke in a loud tone
" I'm sorry Mr. Osborn! I didn't want to be rude! Can I help you Sir?"
"I just came because I need tell you the good news!"
"What? Good news? I think I know, you guys finally will give up of this stupid revenge and let me go live my life with my boyfriend and my family? Am I right?"
I laughed
"Course not Miss Stacy! The good news is, has been since 5 months of the accident in the clock tower and The Boss will finally meet you!"
" The Boss? Who is The Boss? And why we'll leave New York? Why he can't came here?"
"Did you really think we're in New York? And The Boss don't will reveal Your identity!"
"Right! But Peter will find me wherever I go!" She says
"If I had in your shoes, do not count on it!"
"Because Peter thinks you're dead!"
"I know, but he will find me!"
"You should stop deceiving and lose hope! Now if you excuse me, I need to go, I'm a busy man! Was a pleasure talking to you again Gwen! Bye!"
"I will never lose hope!" She say
I left the room
"Jack, and the other girl?" I ask
"Everything worked! She arrives in a few days!"
"Wonderful!" I said putting my sunglasses
Peter will regret for not give me his blood, now he is depressed thinking his girlfriend is dead! And I hope The Boss keep his promise! If he doesn't keep he will regret, because no one deceives Harry Osborn.

Hey guys! So, what do you think about the story? If the english it isn't correct, sorry, because I'm brazilian! Comment about it, please!

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