Chapter 10: My Father Loved The Stars

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"Mitsuri, are you sure you don't have anything else?"

"S-sorry Y/N! This is all I have, your new uniform is gonna take one or two days. Maybe when we get back to the Butterfly Estate, you could ask Shinobu to lend you one~?"

After returning to Mitsuri's estate last night, most of you injuries were tended to. Unfortunately, your haori and uniform weren't given any mercy at all. Your haori's sleeves were torn off and in bad shape + your uniform had several cuts.

Mitsuri, being the sweetheart she is, had given you one of her spare uniforms which you dreadfully obliged. Seeing your discomfort with the skirt, she asked her maids to make it a bit longer, just above your knees. You were grateful nonetheless and you both set off towards the Butterfly Estate.

You admired your surroundings, missing the fresh air and the greenery. You inhaled the sweet scent of the flowers nearby, picking up a few, resulting into a multicolored bouquet. You planned on giving a flower each per Pillar. Mitsuri watched as you hummed a song, blushing before looking back ahead.

"Ah~ She's so cuteee~! What has blessed me with this wonderful presence today~?" She cupped her face with her hands, shaking her head. "Hey Y/N-chan," You hummed, turning towards her. "Aren't you cold? Since you don't have a haori, we can share mine if you want!"

You waved your hand around, shaking your head. "N-no, that's alright. I'm fine without my haori. Actually, my body feels less heavy and more free without my haori, plus, it's really easy to move in this uniform!" Mitsuri laughed at your enthusiasm, glad that you weren't uncomfortable with it anymore.


"Ara ara~ Mitsuri, Y/N, you finally came~" Shinobu greeted at the entrance, placing her hands on her hip. "Huh? Were you expecting us?" The Insect Pillar turned her head, glancing at Mitsuri who gasped. "Oh! I forgot to mention that to her!" Shinobu chuckled, placing a hand over her mouth.

"Today, the Pillars decided to have dinner together since we're having a day off and we wanted to officially welcome you as one of us. Come on, we need to prepare the food, it's the girls' turn this time~" Walking in, you heard multiple footsteps make their way throughout the hallway.

"Y/N-chan! Y/N-chan- Ah!" Tanjiro stopped in front of you while Zenitsu bumped into him, clenching his nose afterwards. "Tanjiro you idiot! Why did you st-" You sweatdropped as they both gawked at you while Inosuke just stared in confusion. "Did you get a lamer uniform or something? And what happened to your haori?"

"L-lame-??" You huffed crossing your arms. "I'm just borrowing Mitsuri's uniform and it is not lame!" You pointed a finger at him while the other two snapped out of their trance. "Wahh~ Y/N-chan, I love your new uniform~" Zenitsu gawked at your figure while Tanjiro smacked his head, making him unconscious. "A-ah, Y/N-chan! Where's your haori?" He averted his eyes away from you, making you confused. You shrugged. "Well, it's a long story..."


"Y/N-chan, Mitsuri-san and Shinobu-san, please take care!" Tanjiro waved at you three, Kanao and Aoi next to him while they see you off. You had agreed to meet Gyomei's estate, which was a little far but you were certain you could make it in time if you left early. Clutching onto the bag full of food, you waved before joining Mitsuri and Shinobu.


"WOAH! HIS ESTATE IS HUGE!" The two Pillars laughed at your reaction while you ran up ahead, gawking at the yard. Multicolored stones were placed to make patterns, small stone and wooden carvings surrounded a small garden patch beside the building. "Amazing right? Gyomei is really skilled in carving. He made one for my birthday last year, it's really pretty~" Mitsuri sighed at the memory before making her way to your side.

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