Chapter 2: Final Selection

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You stretch as a satisfying pop was heard from your body. Last week, Final Selection had taken place and you were there for it.

At least 20 and more people had come for the final test of becoming a demon slayer. You had showed up there to see if your burgundy haired friend had been able to come and was delighted to see that he was present among others.

He didn't know of your presence since you didn't want him to lose focus. Ever since, you had been helping the Ubuyashiki family with preparations for the final few. You were quite close to Oyakata-sama but you still tried to remain professional in front of others.

You greeted your dove, Hagakure, as she kept pestering you about getting ready. You greeted your tsuguko, Haruka as well as she gave you by the same treatment your dove did.

You bid farewell to your maids and tsugukos as you head over to the top of the hill. When you got there, a single weird-looking man was panting as he rested under a tree. I decided to sneak up on him just for fun.

I jumped onto the tree nearest and leaped down, gently flapping my haori to glide down safely in front of the said man (ya know , like a bird). The man seemed to notice, shuffling onto his feet.

He had a boar mask on and was shirtless. He wore the demon slayer uniform pants. Two nichirin blades were in his hold as he took a stance.

" You!," he pointed his sword at you as you kept smiling, your eyes closed shut. "You have a strong scent! Fight me!" He hollered as he lunged forward. You held a hand out, stopping him by his head as he kept trying to run forwards. You silently chuckled, moving to the side as he fell onto the ground, dust everywhere.

"Stop resisting me and fight!" He puffed out smoke from his nose, irk marks evident on his body. You giggled and appeared in front of him, patting his head. "You're a very determined soul, aren't you? You want to be the strongest demon slayer, right? Then, you've got to work hard! Harder than anyone else!"

You glanced up at the said male, flowers seeming to float around in his vision. He then puffed out more smoke as he reeled his head and arms back, screaming out excitedly.

"Yes! Yes! AND I WILL BE THE KING OF THE MOUNTAIN! GAHAHAHAAHAHA!" He proceeded to run down the mountain while you sweatdropped. "Maybe I made him too determined? Oh well, his soul is fiery indeed!" You clapped your hands together as you made your way to the siblings who greeted you.

"Hello there Kiriya! Kanata! Are you excited for the finalists?" You asked excitedly, patting Kiriya's head. He smiled at you with his eyes closed. "Yes, we are ecstatic but we worry not a lot of them are trained properly." He gave out a response with his monochrome, feminine-like voice.

You clasped both their hands, giving them a reassuring smile. "Don't worry! I'll be here to take care of it when things get out of hand!" They both returned you a smile as you turned around seeing silhouettes form.

You stepped to the side, your smile never faltering. From then on, four figures emerged. You recognised two of them, one being Tanjiro and the other being Kanao who you've seen training around the Butterfly Estate with Kocho.

You silently cheered, knowing your friend was safe. You glanced over at the other two, taking in their appearances. A blond boy with honey eyes, seemingly mumbling to himself. His flame was a pale yellow with blue sparking around. Curious, curious.

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