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"What is it honey, Asked Mr Hamilton, I had to run up here because you were screaming in your sleep."

"Nothing dad. I just had a nightmare."

"What was it about?"

"I and my friends saw a ghost and... wait a second, when did I get home." She asked when she noticed she had on the clothes she wore the day before.

"I can't really say when you got home but when I came to ensure you weren't late for curfew, I met you in bed."

"I was dressed in these clothes right?"

"Yeah, but I didn't want to wake you up because sleep would have eluded you afterwards."

"Dad, I'll be right back." She jumped out of bed.

"Jade! Jade!"

The sixteen year old paused on her way to the door.

"Yes dad."

He gave her a signal which she immediately understood.

"Oh, right!" She said and rushed into the bathroom.

"Wonder what she's so enthusiastic about." He chuckled to himself.

"What are you guys doing here?" She paused abruptly going down the stairs, she almost tripped.

"We are supposed to study here, remember." Caitlin said with a confused countenance. She was Jade's best friend and she knew she was extremely time conscious.

"But that's supposed to be on Saturday."

"Jade, are you alright?" Talon, who hadn't said a word throughout the whole ordeal, said. He was very shy even among his peers.

"Yeah, why?"

"Today is Saturday and besides Clarisse came earlier than you today. That is unusual."

"There is a huge problem guys."

"If with you, then yes. Very obvious." Clarisse sneered.

"We have to suspend today's activity, there is something important we have to figure out."

"Another unusual thing." Carlos whispered to Talon.

"Firstly, I heard that Carlos and we have a problem on our hands."

"Yeah?" Asked Caitlin urging her on.

"Did you guys have dreams of what happened yesterday?"

"No. I met myself in my bed. I had on what I wore the day before but I can't remember now."

"Wait a second, we saw a ghost right?" Xander said.

"Probably." Jade replied.


Talon sneaked a peek out the door for the third time

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Talon sneaked a peek out the door for the third time. He had a feeling there was someone watching him.

"Go to bed, its past your bedtime." His mum said with her arms akimbo.

He rolled uncomfortably on his bed, it was a rainy night. He stood up to switch on the lights and returned to sleep with relief. The lights suddenly began to flicker and he woke up startled to the deafening screams.

He then saw a figure but he couldn't see a thing as the lights had gone off completely. The figure came closer until it was at the edge of his bed, his eyes got clearer and standing before him was the ghost. He was so shocked he couldn't scream.


"What villa?"


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