Naruto x Reader (Oc) lemon

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This is a lemon~ made by Gianna best friend of this accounts owner~

My name is Misoka, I have no past for I am an orphan. I was abandoned at the age of 5 because I am a freak and a monster. Let me explain, I have purple hair and yellow -sometimes red- eyes but it's really my cat ears and tail that makes me freaky.

I currently live alone in an apartment, my neighbor is an idiot known as Naruto. He is my best friend but often gets annoyed at me for hiding my emotions.

Today is my birthday but I don't celebrate it because of cliche reasons. I was abandoned on this 10 years ago.


I slowly walked home from an exhausting mission, I stopped in front of my door before letting a long sigh out as I reached for the doorknob. As I entered "SURPRISE!!!!!!!"... they threw a birthday party for me. Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Sasuke, Hinata,Kakashi, and more....

I face palmed before giving them a dark glare "Get outttttt!" I roared. Everyone quickly left soon is was just me and... Naruto.

He looked at me with anger as I slammed the door shut. "Why the hell did you that for baka!" he screamed shoving me back against the door. "You know why I don't like my birthday." I growled shoving him back. "Get over it!" I marched up to him before slapping hard across the face.

He growled, his eyes turned an orange like color. I went to hit him again but he caught my wrist. "Let go of me!" I tried to tug my hand away but I so couldn't so I tried to kick him in but he caught my leg and wrapped it around his waist.

My eyes widened slightly, he snarled before pinning me to the front door. "Let g- mmh!" He crushed his lips on mine before freeing my hand. I slowly closed my eyes and wrapped my legs around him tightly so that he was pressed against me.

I moaned into the kiss, loudly. He growled and slipped his tongue between my lips. We explored each other's mouths before fighting over dominance, he won.

He cupped my thighs as he started walking towards my bedroom and trailed hot kisses down my neck. I let out a shaky gasp as he reached a sensitive spot. I felt him smirk against me before biting it as he lied me down on my bed.

My control snapped, I flipped him over beneath me and tore his shirt off him before throwing it across the room.

He sat up with me straddling him and kissed me as he returned the favor.

I ran my nails down his back as he ripped my bra off and captured one my beast in his mouth and the other with his hand.

"Nya~! N-Naruto!" He traced circles with his tongue before sucking while he cupped the other and pinched my hardened nip-nip. (A/N lol ;) I feel so awkward typing all of this especially in the middle of class... during an exam..)

I bucked against him, harshly tugging his hair.

I roughly clamped my mouth on his neck as he ripped off my skirt. I bit,licked, and sucked on his neck as I tugged his pants off.

He flipped me over so that I as laying beneath him, he slowly and teasingly started to slide my lace panties down. I as he finally got them off before tearing his boxers off. He smirked and his blue eyes met mine. He positioned himself over me before entering me roughly, I let out a pain filled gasp.

He quickly drew out before pumping back in thrusting fast and hard. I moaned, practically screamed out his name moved with him.

We both released at the same and he collapsed still inside me.

He slowly pulled out before laying next to me. I cuddled close to him, "I'm sorry." we both said simultaneously.

We lied in each other's arms for a minute before I turned around and looked up him innocently "Can we go again?" He smirked as his eyes turned red before straddling me and flipping me over on my stomach. "Yes." His voice was deeper and red chakra spread out in the room.

...It seems as if round two will be with a demon...
a/n this is my friends work

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