Chapter 20

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I wake up early and brush my teeth. Big day ahead! I wash my face and my hands.

Hmm okay where did I put my outfit...
Ah here!

And I'll do my makeup next!

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And I'll do my makeup next!

-whatever you want!-

Okay then now my hair.
After a couple of try's I still couldn't get it how I wanted it to look.
"Mom, can you help?!" I ask.

"Oh yeah of course!" She says.

(She styles it perfect)

"Thank you Mom!" I say. "No problem! She says and goes to the kitchen.
I check my phone and see a text from Gaten.

(Gaten👨‍🎤) heyy! U excited?!

(You) YESS

(Gaten👨‍🎤) hahaha we'll see you there!

(You) byeeee <3

(Gaten👨‍🎤) 💗

"Mom, I'm ready!" I say.
"Okay, but you need to eat!" She says.
"Oh okay!" I say and go downstairs.
I eat my breakfast and get in the car.
"Lets go!" Mom says.

It takes about half an hour to drive over.

I say bye to my Mom. I go inside and a man guides me over to a small room. Gaten and Millie are sitting down. "Hii!" Millie and Gaten say. We all hug each other and talk. Finn comes then Caleb then Sadie and the Noah.

We go into another room, but it's a lot bigger.
There are 7 seats and we all take a seat. A woman and a man come over. They sit down.

"Okay, 3,2,1, GO!" Someone says. The camera turns on. The woman starts talking.

"Hello I'm Jennifer Murphy and my co- host Jim Smith!" She says. "Today, we are talking to the kids of stranger things!" Jim says. The camera turns to us. "So, Y/n, what's it like to act with everyone?" Jennifer asks. "It's amazing, we have fun, and I also made some fantastic friends!" I say.

It's been half an hour and the man says "CUT!"

"That was brilliant thank you for coming!" He says to us. We all leave the room. It was so fun! I was sitting next to Gaten and Finn, Millie and Noah were above us. Gaten and I kept making jokes and it was so funny!

We leave the building, but Millie stops us all.
"Hey, we haven't all hung out in a while, let's go somewhere!" She says. "Down!" I say. Everyone agrees.
"Where to?" Sadie says. "Starbucks?" Caleb says. "YES!" Gaten says. He lives for Starbucks.

We go to Starbucks and have a great time. Nobody feels awkward. Just friends hanging out.

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