kou's corner~1

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loraine: hi everyone!

kou: and welcome to...

loraine and kou: kou/loraine's corner!

loraine: *stares at him* kou we talked about this, it's kou's corner not loraine's corner *facepalm*

kou: okay let's try that again *clears throat*

loraine: welcome to...

kou and loraine: kou's corner!

kou: my name is minamoto kou!

loraine: and my name is loraine, your lovely author of this story!

kou: over the past two weeks we have already reached twelve chapters during the quarantine.

loraine: right, few weeks after it takes two years to love you's ending *piles up papers*

kou: would you look at that *reads paper* there are actually more votes in this story.

loraine: pretty much since the book has just began few weeks ago. anyways let's not forget our other characters!

yashiro: hello! my name is yashiro nene, i'm y/n's bestfriend and i love her very much.

y/n: *cue dramatic entrance* wassup everyone! i'm the heroine of the story y/n l/n!

hanako: hi i'm hanako of the bathroom! i live in the third floor girl's bathroom which many people speculating that i was a girl :>

loraine: anyways we're gathered here today to become crackheads to be honest. let's take a quick recap of this story!

kou: y/n-senpai was ghosted by a guy named souho which made her go to hanako to wish that souho will get karma in exchange for cleaning the bathroom.

y/n: i deserve better than cleaning toilets *cries*

kou: then after that hanako meets y/n-senpai's bestfriend, yashiro.

loraine: hanako and kou fought on the rooftop like the shounen anime it is! their fight will be legendary~!

kou: suddenly students disappear from time to time and turns out that they were in the misaki stairs.

y/n: number two is legit beautiful though *gives an a-okay sign*

loraine: y/n successfully destroys the yorishiro and went back to the real world...

y/n: oh god please don't remind me of that scene.

loraine: thennnn *looks at y/n teasingly* hanako kissed her on the cheeekkkkk!

y/n: *blushes at the corner*

loraine: and y/n kissed hanako on the cheek tooo!

hanako: you just got ghosted!

loraine: don't care anymore since that hoe is out of my league~

hanako: okay boomer.

loraine: you are the boomer, child.

kou: anyways loraine-senpai, what's your inspiration of making this story.

loraine: im glad you asked kou-kun, you see i decided to make a new story inspired by my experience of getting ghosted. i was gonna make this a modern au until a good friend of mine asked me this question some weeks ago "do u think a ghost and the ghosted will get along?" and that one question made me have an idea and boom this story came to life.

hanako: nice *claps hands*

loraine: actually the first drafts of this story should be a epistolary but eh we need actions too.

y/n: will there be a sequel?

loraine: depends if i can hook up an ending for this but i can also base on the manga too. but im pretty sure that there will be a sequel for this :>

y/n: we be getting a lot of sequels next year.

kou: that's all for today folks!

loraine: stay tuned for the next chapter, i'm loraine.

kou: i'm kou.

loraine and kou: and this is KOU'S CORNER~1!

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