Chapter 2. Lonely Child

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Moses McKinley


I stared up at Deejay as he spotted me and I used my strength to lift up the weights. I'd bulked up a lot more and had gotten leaner. I'd put on weight after my relationship ended, I called it depression weight, but I was back to my normal size.

"You heard from Gucci?" Deejay questioned me as I lifted the weight one last time and then he helped me ease it onto the bar.

I sat up and grabbed a towel using it to wipe the sweat off of my face and neck before standing up and he took my place.

"Not in a couple of days, he's okay though. I got eyes on him, plus he's not you so I really don't gotta worry about somebody taking him out" I admitted truthfully.

Dylan who was standing near us turned away to hide his laugh from his brother who had grown offended all of a sudden like he didn't know it was true.

"What the fuck you trying to say?" Deejay questioned as his green eyes stared up at me. I helped him bring the weight down to his chest before allowing him to push it up.

"You know you have your ways that people don't agree with. Sending you out into the field wouldn't of been smart, at all" I admit as he puffed out his cheeks and struggled to lift the weight up.

I watched him struggle for a little bit before helping him lift the weight and place it back on the bar. He sat up in anger and tried to shake off what I had said, because he knew that it was true.

"I'm trying to change alright? We both grew up with this street shit and idolized the way some of the drug dealers did business as kids. I just happened to copy the fuck ups too" Deejay said trying to plead his case.

I waved him off and looked at my phone that sat on a nearby table ringing.

When I walked over to it and looked down I saw my brothers name and made the decision to let it ring.

I hadn't spoken to him since shit went left at my daughters birthday party and I didn't plan on speaking with him again for awhile.

"Moses there's somebody here to see you" Sabrina said peeking here head into the small gym room we had at one of the traps we had.

"Do I wanna see them?" I asked and Sabrina looked me over and rolled her eyes.

"Don't be a fucking smart ass" she said as she was pushed to the side and the thickest woman I had ever seen walked inside.

My mouth watered a bit as I stared at her body and the way her hips rocked as she walked to me.

"You be having all the fine bitches" Deejay commented thinking I was fucking on her or something.

I wasn't, but I wanted to in that very moment - so damn bad.

"You don't look how I imagined you to" The woman said as I took in her light brown skin and watched as she pushed some of her jet black hair behind her ear.

"Hope that's a good thing" I replied still observing her. When two other bitches walked in after her followed by some of my guards who seemed to be in a trance with them - I already knew who she must've been.

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