Chapter 2: Roman Hayes

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She's beautiful.

She holds herself with confidence yet doesn't seem to like the amount of prying eyes in the room. She seems analytical and intelligent, her feline eyes searching for something. Though I'm not sure what. They are an entrancing whiskey colour, their depths unknown yet I can see the darkness behind them.

She's been through a lot, that I can tell but she holds the world up like it's easy. Her hair tumbles down her back in golden curls and brushes against her tan skin that glints in the lowlights. Her lashes are long and her eyebrows are full, lining her oval face. The beauty mark on her left cheek attracts my attention along with her straight nose that leads down to full lips that are stretched into a kind smile as she regards my brothers.

Her hands are dainty but calloused knuckles show her to be anything but. She's a fighter. It's proven in her physique, strong back and muscled arms revealed by the top she's wearing. Her legs are long, obvious muscle there too. She has voluptuous curves that show her to be a formidable woman and no doubt one of the most attractive ones I've ever come across.

She's no angel like Lexie. She's a lioness, proud and strong, regal.

Yet my brothers, whom I love very dearly, are currently staring at her as if she were prey. A quick fuck. She is anything but. "So Peyton, what were you doing in that side of town?" Runner asks her with his signature smirk. He is a latino with dark hair, dark eyes and the Spanish accent that so many girls fall for. He has a model look to him, hardly imposing like I am hence why people fall for him and his soft voice so easily.

"I was on a job, I heard her scream just as I was leaving so I stopped." Her voice is sweet with a slight husk that slips across a soft accent that I can't place. Something European I'm sure, it enhances my attention further. I roll the beer bottle through my palm and fix my eyes on her rings that adorn her fingers.

None of them seem to hint at having a significant other though none of them seem to be there for any other reason besides decoration. My rings were gifts from my mother years ago and I feel the need to wear them at all times, especially after she passed. "Would you like a drink, darlin'?" Blade, a newly patched member, asks. He's feeling cocky too with his pasty ass and shitty smirk. I've never really liked him, too much confidence even as a prospect. So much so he even spoke back to our Prez, that agitated me the most.

I've been in this MC since I turned sixteen which was twelve years ago. At that point, Bear's father was still the Prez and he kept me off the street and kept me alive. Helped me hone my training and moulded me into an Enforcer. I am one of the most important pieces of the MC, I ensure the safety of the Prez and go on runs for guns and drugs, I also collect money from our debtors and ensure fear for us along with respect.

I am his right hand and I would die before I saw him harmed. "I have to drive, but thank you anyway."

"You could always stay here for the night..." Runner slips forward and places his hand on her thigh. I take in a breath, whether it be out of jealousy of anxiety I haven't decided. She gently removes his hand and places it on his lap, I watch in confusion. I thought she'd at least do something -

A large screech occurs as she shoves him back on the chair and he shouts as he falls off backwards, landing in a heap on the floor. "Haven't you been told to never touch a lady without her permission?" He groans and the rest of us laugh at him. Lexie hugs her from behind and gestures for someone to help him up. "Well I better be going, long day ahead of me." She stands up and rolls her shoulders.

"Can I have your number so we can hang out?" Lexie hands her phone to Peyton and she taps away for a few seconds before handing the device back. "I'll text you."

"Alright, love. I'll see you soon." She heads out and I get the perfect glimpse of her ass in those jeans. 


"I love her." Lexie squeals and nestles closer to Bear with a massive smile on her face. "She's the first woman I can actually tolerate for more than two minutes! Imagine if we actually got close, I've never had a girlfriend before."

"She'd be good for you, Princess. Maybe she could teach you how to handle yourself." Her dad suggests with a shrug of his shoulders, he was here from the very beginning. One of the first bikers in this Chapter. He is incredibly cunning and his planning efforts are phenomenal. I never understand how he can be fed one small bit of information and spiral an entire plan that proves effective, within minutes.

Bear is just as good, though his plans are more big picture while Gears looks after all the small working parts of every plan.

That's why we're one of the most successful MC in the country and one of the most feared.

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