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King's Landing | 300 a.c.

"SELENA!" THE SHOUT OF HER NAME WAS followed by loud banging on her bedroom door

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"SELENA!" THE SHOUT OF HER NAME WAS followed by loud banging on her bedroom door. She turned over in her bed, tempted to smother herself with her pillow. She knew that the knocks would not stop, especially since she knew the person responsible for the aggressive knocks.

She stood from her bed and let out a loud groan as she threw the door open to see Jaime Lannister standing there in his Kingsguard armor. Words died on his tongue as he looked at Selena who had worn nothing but a night shift to bed. She leaned against the threshold with a sigh.

"Eyes here, Kingslayer," she said and that got Jaime's attention as he frowned at her. She knew he hated the nickname, and she didn't blame him for killing King Aerys. She did, however, blame him for not killing his son, Rhaegar.

"I hate that nickname," Jaime tells her, as though she actually cares.

"And I hate being rudely awoken by loud knocking," Selena says, "What can I possibly do for you?"

"I have been told to fetch you," Jaime tells her, "The Tyrells are arriving momentarily."

Selena raises an eyebrow as she stares at the knight. The Tyrells were arriving, good for them. What exactly did that have to do with Selena?

"I'm sorry," she states, "Why am I to be there?"

"Rhaegar wants you there," Jaime tells her, "And if the King wants you there, then you are not to disobey him."

Selena chuckles, "If Rhaegar was going to kill me, he would have done it already."

Selena slams the door in Jaime's face as she climbs back into bed, squeezing her eyes shut. There would be a consequence to her actions, but it was little victories like this one that brought Selena joy. The King would make a request and she would deny it. The same way that he denied her brother's mercy.

She had only been a month old when her parents died in a shipwreck. She had been two years old when her brother rose up against the Targaryen dynasty and three when Rhaegar drove a sword through her brother's chest on the Trident.

Robert and Stannis had been killed during the war, but she had lived, and her consequence was being raised at court with the rest of the Targaryen spawns to make sure that she didn't hatch any plans of revenge.

Selena Baratheon was a girl with no armies and a disgraced title. They said she had traitor's blood in her, but her blood was no different from everyone else. She was the lady of Storm's End, but she had yet to take her place there because Rhaegar wanted to keep her at court. Though he promised she'd someday return home, Selena stopped believing him.

There was knocking at her door once again, but Selena ignored it, knowing that it wasn't the loud and harsh knocks of Jaime, but the soft and gentle knocks of the King's younger sister, Daenerys.

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