Hello, my name is Sherryl and I am 13 years old. I come from a small town of Atlanta, Georgia. I have an older brother named Ryan and a little sister named Angelina, but we call her Angie for short. I am a sweet, compassionate girl with a big heart. I am the responsible Malgarini at the household and so is my brother,  but he's in upstate New York for college to get his engineering degree. My little sister is having her communion, which she is looking forward to in May of next year. I am also graduating middle school next year as well, since I am an 8th grader. One of my best friends is John Morris. He is the older brother of MattyB, who I am a fan of, even though I know him. I sometimes babysit him, Jeebs, and his little sister Sarah Grace. Well, that is basically about it. I hope you enjoy my story on how I fell in love with John Morris, my best friend. 

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