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word count: 1061


The wind tousled with my hair lightly as I walked through the busy streets with Ann by my side. Our arms were interlocked as we spoke together, already dreading the day ahead.

"Will Shiho be in school today?" I asked after I took a sip of my drink. Ann nods as she nervously chews on her lip. I frown.

"She'll be okay, you know" I try to calm her "I'll always make sure to keep you both away from that asshole for as long as I can" Ann smiles sadly at me as she squeezes my arm.

The schools large black gates come into view as we managed to get through the swarm of black blazers. I wish I had brought an under jumper like can but I was forced to wear the schools simple blazer, blouse, skirt and socks. Thankfully the socks were thigh highs and kept the blood circulation in my legs.

We spot Shiho pretty quickly as we notice her in our usual spot. I wave her over when she spots us.

She frowns "Kamoshia spoke to me earlier". I feel Ann tense as she hears this.

"He wants all of the Volleyball players exempt from class today to extend training" My lips purse as I try to keep my words to myself but Ann beats me to it.

"That asshole!" She swears as anger fuels her system.

Shiho stays quiet as she fidgets with her fingers. Ann opens her mouth to speak but the bell cuts her off, signaling that we have to go to class.

♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥

"We have a new student today, he's a transfer" the teacher starts talking which sends the class into their own small talks. I side eye Ann from my seat diagonal her. She looks bored. I know she's thinking about Kamoshida by the thinking lines present on her forehead.

"I heard he has a criminal record" a student gossips from beside me. I sigh as I set my head into my palm.

Eventually the teacher cuts to the point and a student pushes the door open to reveal himself. I notice his mop of hair on his head, black and wavy. His glasses are next. Usually I don't really second bought glasses but they suit him well.

He looks quite nervous and I can't blame him. He probably knows about the rumours surrounding him.

"I'm Akira Kurusu and I'm 16 years old" he introduces himself almost robotically. I smile mentally as the teacher frowns, clearly expecting more.

"Very well" She clasps her hands together "Take the seat next to (y/n)" I raise my hand as he scans the classroom. He smiles slightly and I return the gesture.

I notice Ann's gaze on my face. She's wearing that shit eating smirk. I playfully stick my tongue out at her as her eyes widen.

She's defiantly going to tell Shiho.

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