Part II

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Back with Part II of the fic. This one is a long one. Just hope you have the patience to read till the end. 😂

Was too lazy to update. But then made myself write it out anyway. So I hope my efforts were worth it and I hope you like it. If you do, please vote so that I feel motivated to continue.


Moving on...💃💃💃

"Words in double quotes." - Talking

'Words in single quotes.' - Thoughts

Symphony - Part II

Ragini woke up to the sounds of the morning hustle and bustle of the city. Blinking her eyes, she looked around at the unfamiliar room. As she noticed the various equipments and the four white walls, everything came back to her and she realized she was still at the hospital.

With the realization came back her father's words and the tragedy that has befallen her. However, Ragini's eyes didn't shed a tear after the entire night she spent sobbing. Tears failed her. They failed to express the extent of heartache she was going through. Only thing she did was let out a shaky sigh that expressed how tired she was.

Tired of being pushed over. Tired of being taken for granted. Tired of being used. Tired of everything...

Ragini looked out of the window towards the birds flying freely in the sky

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Ragini looked out of the window towards the birds flying freely in the sky. 'What would I give...if I could live...out of these waters...' she smiled to herself. That was the tune of her favorite mermaid fairy tale when she was a child. 'Sometimes...sometimes I just wish I could be a child and not have to face all the problems of adulting.'

The door creaked open, distracting her from her thoughts. She looked over to see Swara emerge along with Shramishtha. Ragini nodded at them.

"Hello Ragini." Swara approached with a soft smile. "How are you?"


"I...I see. Are you healing well?"


Shramishtha came near and placed a hand on Ragini's head. "We hurried over as soon as we got up. I'm glad you're fine beta."

Ragini smiled at her. "I'm okay Maa. You shouldn't over worry. Where is Dadi? Doesn't she want to see me?"

"She wanted to come right at the crack of dawn! But Grand Pa wanted to come as well. And you know he cannot leave until he has his morning meal according to the planned diet. So, they'll come after an hour. As for your baba, I sent him home just now. He will be back with your grandparents no doubt."

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