Medieval rp story part 1

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This is a Guzi (GSxUzi) out of an rp I had with friends. If you don't like this ship, just don't read it and skip to the other story. It's situated in the medieval times cause yeah, we like to be creative with rps. My two friend who role-played this with me role played as Uzi's sisters (Only in this rp) Krystal and Blue

P.S. I don't want no shit like "Gaster Sans and Echo! Frisk is Cannon! Blah blah blah, he and Uzara belong together! Nyah nyah nyah, blah blah blah" in the comments. Does it look like a give a? I love this ship so I'm gonna continue it, no one can convince me otherwise.

~We may proceed~

Uzara, The eldest princess of this fair kingdom was sitting on the window ledge, book in hand. She was waiting rather impatiently for him to arrive. There had been a war between the two kingdoms but that was all going to end soon. The members of her kingdom's court and the widowed king of the Gaster kingdom had arranged an alliance, but as most alliances went at that time, the alliance was secured between the eldest of the kingdoms. This was common in kingdoms, she knew this day would come ever since she was a child. She was just thankful that she was the eldest and not her two younger sisters, Krystal and Blue. Uzara sighed, fiddling with her fingers. At least they let her a month before marrying a stranger "Krystal, Blue. You two are the luckiest in this family I think" She joked, looking at her sisters

"Hm? What do you mean by 'the luckiest in the family' ??" Blue said confused while painting on a canvas. "The eldest is always the ones who are married for alliances" She was looking out of the window, waiting for the carriages in which the Gaster family were arriving in impatiently. "You mean like... married to a stranger?" Blue asked, raising a brow in question "Yes Blue, in about a month the alliance shall be completed" She shook her head as she saw the carriages. The man she was gonna marry was coming with his brothers. "Oh wow... I know its bad for you, but maybe it won't be that bad since ya know... what if the person you marry is the perfect match for your life?" "Have you seen mother and father...? They genuinely hated each other. ALL of the organized marriages are hateful..." Uzara sighed. "I- well... maybe there will be a new future which is a normal lovely husband for you! Ya know not the kind of hateful one "said blue, smiling.

"You're right, I should be optimistic..." Uzara sighed once more as the hooded princes retreated from the carriages. "Would you look at that! They are here! I'm gonna put my painting in my room so... hope you get some luck Uzi!" Blue said, taking her painting supplies to her room. "I hope so too" She mumbled, leaving the room to make her way to the throne room.  She walked gracefully down the stairs. Uzara was shortly followed by Krystal, from the corner of her eye, she saw, through a window, the princes and the king entering. Ever since the sister's parents' tragic death, Uzara was the one who had control over the kingdom. This was the reason why the alliance is happening, The king of the gaster kingdom pitied the new, young ruler and her kingdom.  She had never seen her future husband before so she was curious about who was under the hood. 

The two sisters arrived at the throne room and the two sisters sat at their designated thrones, Uzara in the middle, Krystal on the left and Blue... well she still hadn't come down yet. Uzara looked at the members of the court, nodded and sighed. As blue put her paintings stuff back in her room he changes her clothes into her formal dress and ran to the throne room to see who her future in-law brother was. Uzara had been prepared for hours, after all, she didn't want to disappoint her guest with a poor appearance. The three princes and only king entered the castle. The three princes removed their hoods to reveal their faces. Her face started to heat up when she saw the eldest

"Presenting! The eldest of the Gaster Family! Gaster Sans! Presenting the second eldest Sans! Presenting the youngest, Papyrus! Now presenting the King, Gaster!" The caller said and the sister nodded, greeting their visitor. It was now the sister's turn to be introduced. They would stand up and curtsy when their name was called then sit back down "Now Presenting The eldest of this kingdom's princesses and the ruler, Uzara November! Presenting the second eldest Blue Lazuli! Presenting the youngest, Krystal" He spoke, he bowed after finishing and retreated the room. "It is such an honour to have you in our kingdom, I hope we can get along! " Blue smiled at the guests. Uzara looked at her sister and smiled warmly "Greetings, I am looking forward to completing the alliance." She said, standing up from her throne in elegance, even if she was quite young to rule, she still imposed power in her every move. She had confident, independent and powerful vibes that radiated off of her. Strong and smart yet beautiful you could say.

Blue became more excited since the person who her sister is marrying seemed like a handsome and friendly fellow. Gaster cleared his throat to speak. "Thank you, your majesty, for inviting us to your kingdom. I hope to consult with you after my meeting with your court" The king simply said, bowing. Even to a past enemy, he showed manners. Uzara nodded "As you wish king Gaster" She responded, it occurred to G that he hadn't seen her smile, well at anyone except her sisters. He wanted to change that.

"I didn't know humans were red" G spoke, smirking, he had a playful tone. He was hinting to Uzara's face. 'Oh god... He's a flirt...' She thought, calming herself "They aren't, I just suddenly felt a moment of heat," She said simply "I suppose that means a storm is coming soon" She added, it wasn't all that true though. Of course, when she had sudden moments of heat that flooded her body meant that a storm was coming, but we all know the real reason she was burning up (insert lenny face here). The princess descended from the small flight of stairs that separated herself from the family. 

"Please, come, let us explore the castle grounds and discuss the matter" She spoke, her dress and untied white hair flowing behind her. "Come, sisters, we'll take them to the gardens" Uzara spoke, it wasn't apparent to her guests but she acted very different than when she was alone with her sisters. With guests or visitors, she acted calm, logical, decisive, in control and powerful, she was a completely different person around others. But when she was alone with Blue and Krystal, she was kind, energetic, she opened herself to her sisters, only they knew of that better side of hers. 

To be continued when my friends get back online cause I ain't got no more ideas rn-

So yeah, if you want a part two just pray that they come back online XD

By the way, I was too lazy to just rewrite what meh friends sent in the rp so I literally just copy-pasted our replies and just fixed some grammar mistakes (My two best friends are Indonesian and Norwegian so don't complain their primary tongues aren't English, mine too)

You also may have noticed that Krystal was silent, well that's cause my friend who role-played as her, decided that she'd preferred to watch instead of role-playing

Now I have to get my lazy ass to sleep so bye my ostriches

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