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This is the story is about if the characters from Sanders Sides all had daughters. I know they are all fake people created by the awesome and hilarious Thomas Sanders, but I love all the sides and think they rock. I also have some personal ships between them which will sail in this book. You may think it's weird that because all of them are in fact Thomas himself that it might be weird to ship them, and if that is your opinion don't hate but this is probably not the book for you.

But for the other Sanders Slides fans, including myself this is my own story and I would like to thank you for giving it a chance. I will reveal characters in the following chapters.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Sanders Sides characters, they all belong to Thomas Sanders. I just own my OC'S which include: Tasha and her sisters and Todd and his sides. (Which will appear later in the story)

Thank you for carefully reading this note, I hope to see you again.

-Your humble author😜

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