1D - Dirty Imagines (Louis Tomlinson)

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A/N Okay, this one is my favorite. I really feel good about this one. x

You’re at a club, alone because your best friend apparently found a guy and took him home, leaving you to deal with all the annoying, horny guys. You were wearing a black, skin tight dress with red heels, and that was the only reason guys kept coming over every chance they could get. You ignore all of their pathetic attempts at trying to buy you a drink or to take you home with them. You’ve had your eyes on one guy, and one guy only. There was a brown headed boy with gorgeous blue eyes sitting in a booth a couple rows away from you. He was sitting with four of his other and equally attractive friends. You chose him because he was the only one that gave you a second look, actually make that three looks. He finally gets the guts to walk over and say hi while his friends whistle and yell things like, ‘get some Tommo’.

“Hi, my name’s Louis, Louis Tomlinson,” he says and winks at you. You smile back at him and say, “I’m (Y/N).”

“You know, you’re really beautiful. I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place later. Make that thirty minutes, sound good?” he says and you nod. He writes his address down on a piece of paper and hands it to you. Before he leaves to go with his friends, he takes your hand and gives it a sweet, lingering kiss. “You won’t regret it babe.”


Before leaving, you dress in a white, button down shirt with a push-up bra and a cute skirt. You have something fun in mind for tonight. You drive over to his house with ease. You didn’t drink much while you were out clubbing so you weren’t drunk. You maybe had a beer or two and that was it. You finally arrive at a huge, beautiful, mansion like house. You ring the doorbell and Louis answers, looking at you up and down.

“You made it!” he says smiling. He takes your hand and leads you upstairs to his room where you shut the door and push him with one finger over to his bed. You make him lie down and kiss all over his neck and lips.

“Okay, here are the rules. Rule number one, don’t touch yourself. Rule number two, don’t touch me. Rule number three, obey the rules unless I say not to. Break any of the rules and you’ll be punished, got that?” you say and he gulps, forcing a nervous nod which you find as a turn on. You begin to strip him down until he’s completely nude. You begin to slowly unbutton your shirt, making him squirm uneasily. You finish unbuttoning and slide it off of your shoulders. You see his d*ck beginning to get hard and you grin evilly. You slide off your skirt, along with your bra and underwear.

“God, you’re f*cking perfect,” he says and begins to reach for his d*ck to pump himself but you slap his hand away.

“Uh-oh, you broke rule number one. You’ll be punished for that,” you say and he frowns. You get down on your knees and kiss along his long shaft, making him moan. You teasingly lick the tip without taking the entire length in. His hands move to grab your head but he stops himself.

“Good boy,” you say as if you’re praising a dog. He sighs and closes his eyes as you continue slowly swirl your tongue around the tip. Finally you begin to take the entire length in your mouth with total skill. His eyes snap open and he moans with pleasure as you bob your head up and down, deep-throating it. You suck hard and fast and rub his balls lightly with your hand. You feel his d*ck twitch once and release his cum in your mouth and you swallow. He grabs you by the shoulders and pushes you on the bed, making you gasp.

“F*ck the rules, I want to taste every bit of you (Y/N),” he says. He kisses the inside of your thighs, making you arch your back.

“Please, Louis, just eat me already,” you beg and he shakes his head, still kissing everything but your p*ssy.

“No, I’m going to make you see how excruciating it is to wait for something like this,” he says smirking. Oh the sass… He continues to kiss your stomach and finally makes his way down to your clit. He kisses it lightly, and then sticks his tongue inside, making you moan. He flicks his tongue in and out, expertly. You feel yourself getting closer to your high and you cum in his mouth. He licks it all up and gives you a seductive smile.

“You taste f*cking amazing (Y/N),” he says. He positions himself at your entrance and you take a deep breath, just then realizing you’ve never had anybody as big and as full as him. He thrusts inside of you, making you squeal in pain. He stops to lets you adjust to his size before thrusting in and out of you. You tilt your head back but he lifts it back up.

“Let me see that gorgeous face of yours. I want to see how I make you feel baby. Ah f*ck you’re so tight,” he says. You stare into his blue eyes as he stares into yours and feel yourself getting closer to your high.

“Hold it baby, hold it as long as you can,” he says and you try. He comes inside of you and continues thrusting hard and fast. “Keep holding it baby, just a little longer.” You grit your teeth and close your eyes, gripping the bed sheets as hard as you can.

“Ah sh*t, I can’t Louis!” you yell, still trying to hold it.

“Yes you can! Okay release in three, two ONE! F*CK!” he yells as he comes inside of you again and you cum hard all over his d*ck.

“Holy f*cking sh*t LOUIS!” You yell. You lay down with him still inside of you and try to catch your breath. He finally pulls out and says, “sh*t (Y/N) that was good!”

“That was the best orgasm I’ve had in a long time,” you say and he kisses your forehead. You both get dressed and go downstairs to find the four other boys laughing.

“Holy f*cking sh*t Louis! I can’t hold it anymore,” mocks the curly haired boy with a cheeky, dimpled grin. The blonde doubles over with laughter and another brown haired one says “Yes you can baby, okay go now!” and they crack up laughing. My cheeks turn red with embarrassment and Louis shields me away from them.

“Guys shut the hell up! Why were you listening in the first place?” he says defensively.

“How can you not hear? It was so loud!” Says the blonde one.

“You’re just jealous Niall cause you can’t get a girl as fit as this one!” Louis says and ‘Niall’ turns bright red as the other boys burst out laughing. Louis kisses you on the lips lightly before handing you his phone number.

“Call me any time babe,” he says and you leave, knowing for sure that you would call him and schedule for round two, and maybe keep it a little quieter(;

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