bakugou katsuki

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fuck you, goodluck

You waited impatiently for him to open the door for you. You were pissed, too pissed to even think about your relationship and yes, you outside of his apartment ready to give him a piece of your mind. You have never been so angry towards him your whole life. All the BS you've been putting up for him for years, you knew he never really appreciated and now, you had enough of him. Him and his problematic temper.

You shot him a glare nice he opened the door and without saying anything you let yourself inside while you pushed him aside. Bakugou was confused with your sudden behavior and closed the door.

"What's your problem?"

You turned to him when he starts to speak. You can see that he just woke up, maybe from sleep or a nap- you don't know anymore since you were too mad to even care.

"Tell me. Tell me something you've been hiding from me," you demanded.

He let out a frustrating sigh as he knew that it was gonna be another pointless fight. Bakugou was too tired to even speak nicely and this time, he was giving you a glare.

"Can you just go straight to the point?! I'm too tired to think," he grumbles.

You clenched your fist as you let out sigh to calm down the fume you were feeling.

"I heard you punched a bar tender because he charged you a large sum," you said.

You heard him scoff.

"And that's a problem?" he asked.

"What do you mean that's a problem? It is a problem," you yelled.

Bakugou leaned back on the wall behind him.

"He deserve the punch"

"You deserve a punch right now, fucking you! Bakugou, do I have to clean your mess all the damn time?! And why the fuck did you go to a pub when you know you don't have that much money!"

"Here we go again," he muttered as he made his way to the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" you asked as you followed me.

"Taking a drink before I see you bitching off about my problems," he hissed.

"Then why the fuck did you give the pub my number?!" you questioned, "Why the fuck were you drinking?!"

"Do you have to ask me everything!!"

"I have every rights to ask you because I'm the one who always cleans up your mess!" you remarked.

Bakugou pinched the bridge of his nose as he felt pressured by your nagging. He had a rough day at the pub yesterday and he just had to listen to you getting mad over something so small. Had he known you'd be like this he wouldn't have gave them your number to pay for his drinks. If it wasn't for the bar tender to call the police he wouldn't had you involved.

"Tell me, Bakugou, am I so loaded that I have to pay everything that you can't even pay? Fuck, Do I always have to pay everything for you?!"

"Can't you just shut up for one second?!" he yelled.

You flinched when he suddenly raised his voice. You felt your eyes were on the brink of tears but you kept them in. All these years of being in a relationship with him, all you ever did was fight, you can't even remember the good times you two had spent. You can't even remember the time where you two wouldn't fight.

"I have a life, I'm trying to enjoy my life can't you see?!"

What a jerk.... what a fucking jerk,

"Enjoying your life?!" the tears finally fell onto your cheek and you quickly wipe them away. "So you're just using me for you to enjoy your life is that it? Fucking [Y/N] and her money, is gonna make Bakugou Katsuki's life easy!"

Bakugou was taken aback when he saw your tears. He didn't mean what he said but he knew you'd think differently. He wanted to say something, but he couldn't. It pained him to see you look weak and never had he seen you cry even when you two argued. You never cried in front of him once, but now, because of the stress and frustration, you don't care anymore.

So you asked him, something that you've been wanting to ask all these years.

"Do you even love me?"

Time stopped when you asked him that sudden question. The tears couldn't stop falling, you tried not to sob but it was hard for you to breathe properly. The pain, the hurt, the frustration-- just everything. You were tired of them all. So you cried, you cried silently in front of him.

"Why?" he asked.

You shouldn't asked, jerk.

"Because I did," you answered simply, "I've loved you," you added.

Everything went silent this time-- everything but you, your crying was the only thing that the two of you could hear. As much as Bakugou wanted to hug you, he knew that would be pointless, he knew you'd pushed him away and not giving him another chance.

"I had enough of this," you said turning your back towards him ready to leave.


"What more do you want?" you cut him off.

Bakugou said nothing when you asked him that question. You let out a deep sigh and turn your back to him.

"Let's just end it here. Fuck you, Goodluck"


I just wanna make use of his temper by turning him into a horrible jerk. But hopefully you all enjoy this horrible chap so far.

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