Chapter 2

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The Fall Festival was almost ready, just three days till it kicks off. Today was my first day at work and I just dropped Shane off at day care. It felt like part of my heart was being torn out of my chest when I did, but I knew it had to be done. I worried endlessly about him as I worked. That was until a sexy biker who hadn't left my thoughts since we met walked in. He walked up to my computer and I gave him a small smile, "Hi Talon." "I wanted to see how you were doing," He told me honestly. It shocked me a little and my face felt a little warm, "A little sleep deprived, thanks to Shane, but I'm fine. Thanks for asking." "I would've asked you sooner, but I didn't know where you lived. I saw your car out front so I thought I would drop by," He rambled as if he didn't know what to say. It was cute. "That's very sweet," I told him and I pressed my lips together when I noticed a light blush covered his cheeks. "So where is Shane since you're here," He asked me curiously. "He is at day care," I told him. He nodded then scratched the back of his head nervously, "When do you go on break?"

"In two hours," I told him. "Mind if I take you out to eat," He asked me. I smiled, my cheeks a little warm, "I don't mind at all." He nodded, "Cool, I'll see you then." He left and I couldn't help my soft giggle.

I had just clocked out when he arrived. He took me out to a blue truck and helped me step up into it. Men and their big trucks, I thought as I put my seat belt on. I noticed his pack of cigarettes and had to avert my eyes. I was eight months clean. It was a habit I refuse to get back into. He took me to this cute restaurant across the street from the Festival. Many bikers were working at putting things where they go. "Did you help with the set up," I asked him curiously. He nodded, "I helped set up a lot of booths." I looked over the menu, thinking it all looked so good. "Do you plan on taking Shane," He asked me curiously. "I haven't decided yet. For the most part it depends if the weather stays this warm," I told him. I didn't know if I would go with him this year. He was only a month old and having to handle him, while also trying to enjoy myself, probably won't be fun. "Will you be going," I asked him. "It's no fun going alone. Many of the brothers go with their families and women," He told me. "But I wouldn't going with you." My face felt hot and I was glad the waitress came over.

"What can I get you both to drink," She asked us. "Sweet tea no lemon," I told her. "Water for me please," He told her. She walked away and I looked back at Talon, "That sounds like fun." His ears were red and I went back to looking down at my menu while suppressing a smile. When the waitress came back with our drinks I ordered the club burger and fries while he got the salmon. "What do you like to do on your days off," I asked him curiously while we ate. "I enjoy playing my guitar. And you," He asked me. "I usually read, but it's been a little while since I got a new book. I've got book shelves covering my walls in my living room, that are filled with books. I had run into a problem though, I need a new bookshelf," I told him with a soft giggle. "I still have two boxes of books I haven't unpacked since I don't have a new one yet. Even then I don't know where to put one." "What is your favorite book," He asked me and I had to think about that. "Oh my gosh that's a hard one. I can't just pick one because so many have things I love. I can't even pick a single series."

He chuckled as he listened to me ramble. "Whats your favorite music to play," I asked him. "I mostly enjoy playing country and rock. I really enjoy Brantley Gilbert," He shared with me. "I don't think I've ever heard his music," I confessed to him. He put a hand over his heart, "I feel like I've been shot. Okay missy, what music do you tend to listen too?" "I love listening to Little Mix," I told him. "My favorite song right now by them is, and don't think I'm cussing when I say this since the song name is only two letters, is F U." He chuckled softly as he shook my head at me.

We talked more, just getting to know each other and it was so nice. We swapped numbers then so when we go to the Festival we can talk. When he took me back to work he walked me back to my desk and I couldn't help the goofy smile I had when he left. God I'm thirty one, and I'm acting like a love sick teenager. It was a nice change though.

Talon's POV

I got back to the Festival and I saw the smirks I got, from several of the guys who had seen me with Iris. She was a beautiful woman with bright ginger hair, soft green eyes, freckles dusted her cheekbones and her nose. She had some of the weight from when she carried Shane still on her around her stomach, but that only added to her beauty. Today she had worn a knee length brown skirt, ballet flats, and a brown and green blouse. Her face was free of make up and if you looked closely on her nose, you can see she has a hole for a nose piercing on the right side. When she smiled she had cute dimples that made her seem younger.

I ignored them though and got back to work. That was until Spider, a man who was patched in when I did when we were fresh out of our teens, came over and nudged me. He and I were the closest out of everyone, that was the only reason I didn't knock his lights out. "She was different than the usual girls we see you with. Different setting too," He said with a smirk. Usually I enjoyed the occasional hanger and only take her to my room, not really letting anyone see us together. With Iris I opened doors, pushed in her chair, and ate a meal with her. She hadn't left my mind since we met, no matter how many women I slept with. Okay I wasn't even able to sleep with them. I tried, but I couldn't get hard. I did if I thought about Iris, but I wasn't going to disrespect her by using thoughts of her to get hard while having sex with another. "That's because she is a woman, not a girl," I corrected. "You sure? She looked young," He asked me. "She's thirty one with a son named Shane, I'm positive she's a woman," I told him.

He whistled, "Damn. A kid? You think you ready for a woman like that? Aren't you worried about the baby daddy?" I scoffed, "The fucker left when she found out she was pregnant. If anything he should be worried what I might do if he meets me. As for whether or not I'm ready, I wouldn't have asked her out if I wasn't. She isn't just someone I'm looking to sleep with Spider. I'm thirty four, I can't keep chasing after loveless pussy." He ran a hand through his hair, "I know what you mean Talon. I've gotten tired of the game myself." He clapped me on the back, "Good luck brother, you may need it." I don't think I will.

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