Y/n's pov

I was also the patient at the asylum and was refusing to take meds while I went insane. I pretty much befriended the skeleton named Sans I call him Asy due to that fact we act about the same each and every day. I was talking to the spirit of my brother: Terrance while Asy talked to his brother: Papyrus. Just to admit everyone thought we were insane when we both were able to see the spirit of our dead brothers it was fair enough in my opinion anyways. Dr. Toriel would check on us at certain times for our meds but when she's absent or late Frisk would give us our meds but I'd refuse. But at the end Asy gets me to take the meds but I wind up doing it. I did hide my own depression of seeing my brother die but I eventually got better from it. Asy and I sleep together at times but sometimes we're seperated because Tori wants us to do some things seperately and Frisk lets us play 20 questions for a little bit.

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