Chapter 11

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Saving the Dark 11

Caden Chainwing POV

Habang nasa loob ako ng classroom ay inisip ko ang nanyare sa kagubatan... I know that what happen that day was real. While i was in my thought. 'Hey Cade!' I looked at the owner of the voice, it was Raven with Aoi in her back. Ibinaba niya si Aoi sa upuan 'Cade? Its been a long time since tou call me in that name.'  i told her, Cade is my nickname when we were kids she always call me in that name but as we grew she stop using that name.

'Yeah,,,sound nice right! Dont worry ako lang tatawag sayo sa pangalang yan...' I look at Raven and studied her face, 'Well, you use to call me in that name when were kids.' i told her and she look at me confuse written in her face. 'I used to?' She said. I was confuse on her reaction but i just shrug it off.  Habang naguusap kami ni Raven ay biglang bumukas yong pinto ng classroom and i saw Aaron panting, he walked in my direction staring at me seriously. 'What?' tanong ko sa kanya. 

'S-someones dead...' he said while panting. 'So? What do you mean?' confused kung tanong sa kanya...Well, everyday, their is always someone whos gonna die...were not immortal after all. 'No i mean...The body was found in the forest. ' Biglang umingay ang classroom dahil sa sinabi ni Aaron. He went through the door and signal me and Raven to follow him, we followed him bringing Aoi with us.

Nang makalabas na kami at siguradong walang makakarinig sa usapan namin ay pinagpatuloy ni Aaron yung sinabi niya kanina. He told us that the victim was a boy name Kite and girl whose apparently gone mising.  'How can you be sure that those things where the one who killed Kite?' tanong ko sa kanya, gusto kung makasigurado. 'Dude...his body was tear down to pieces, his organs are fucking missing....and for sure those things ate it.' He said in an almost screaming panic voice. 'Calm down Aaron!' i told him.

'Yeah Aaron calm down. You look like a hysterical girl'  Raven said and indeed she is right about that. .

'No i'm not.' He argued. 

'Yea you are…' she sung and Aoi snickered at Aaron.

Aaron look at me sending signal to me..i tried to stop a smile but i failed miserably. I nodded at him and look at her. 'Raven…save it later..okay?!' I told her and she nodded.

'So yeah…kite is dead and oh yeah i saw his head separated in his body while the school authority fix things up.' he continued.

'School authority?' i ask him...Diba dapat police ang mag-asikaso? What the heck is happening. And then i remembered something.. 'Aaron, did you talked to Principal Reed?' i look at him and he sighed 'Yeah....and he didn't believe us, he told us that maybe we just saw wrong.' he answered.

'What?' hindi makapaniwala na sabi ko. Siguro naman they'll check the forest sa nanyare ngayon, but knowing that the school were the once who took the body i know that something is wrong here. 'I know dude! Jess and I keep telling that we know what we saw but he just ignored us... Something is not right here Caden.' He said. 'I know.....'




A week alreday past and after what happened no one dared to go outside the school or go near the forest. May mga studyante na nagsabi na may nakita silang mga pulang mata sa kagubatan since theirs no wall separating the forest in our school.. 

And then something happened. It was lunch time and we were at the cafeteria when we heard a loud screams and shriek making a high-pitch sound outside. We looked at the window in the cafeteria and what we saw outside was frightening. 'Oh my God!' a girl said while watching what's happening outside through the window just like us. Everyone started stepping back away from the window staring at the group of 3 girls who screamed in agony and started screaming for help but no one dared to move. I tried to count the numbers of those things which i prefer to call chimera but everytime i count their numbers , it keeps increasing so i stop since its pretty useless. One of the chimera bite one of the girls foot and drag her...she screamed in terror and tried grabbing on the dirt to stop herself from being drag but it was imposible. While she is being dragged the other chimera joined... I dont want to describe it but her body was teared down to pieces as chimera fights for her body. The other two girls were dead too, just like what happen to the other girl. Why didn't they use their ability to at least put up a fight?

Biglang tumahimik, the chimeras outside stayed still. And then nakarinig kami ng basag na salamin at kalakip nito ay isang hiyaw na nagmula mismo sa loob ng school. Isa-isang nagpanic ang mga studyante na nasa cafeteria, hindi alam kung anong gagawin. Aaron, Jess, Raven and I were looking at each other. 'Whats happening?' Jess pannicked.

'Are those thing inside our school?' Aaron asked and i nod.

Matapos ang ilang segundo ay puro sigaw at nagtatakbuhan na studyante ang nakita ko. 

'We should call the teachers..' Jess said and we agreed. We started running to the facutlty area at sa exit area kami dumaan. Nasa third floor ang faculty kaya we went upstair using the stairs in exit area. Nang nasa hallway kami ng first floor ay dinig namin ang sigaw at singhal ng mga chimeras. Pero ng makaakyat na kami sa second floor ay mejo hindi na marinig hanggang sa third floor, the noise become faint. Mga facilities ang meron sa second floor at sa third floor naman ay simulation kaya walang tao, lahat nasa first floor. What a coincidence. Nang makarating kami sa faculty ay nabigla kami.

'It's empty.' Raven murmured habang hawak niya sa kamay si Aoi.

The faculty is way, 'Asan na sina Sir Vince? We had a class kaninang umaga sa kanya..' Jess said.

'I dont know..lets go down.' sabi ni Aaron and bumaba na kami. Nang pababa na kami ay nasalubong namin isang grupo mga lalaki at babae. 'Anong nanyayare? ' Aaron ask  them but they runned pass us and just ignored us. Maya't maya ay may mga studyante na galing sa baba ang nakasalubong namin gaya ng sa una ay hindi ka mi pinansin at diretso lang sila sa pagtakbo, may mga duguan at hindi makalakad. Baba na sana kami ng may nagsalita 'don't go down, those monster are everywhere and killing our schoolmates.' she said

'Why dont we fight? sa dami-' Jess said but was cutt off 'Thats impossible..we tried but were out numbered and---' she didn't finish what she was saying because some called her. 'ANGEL!!!' a boy called and then she went back and runned to her group.

Out numbered? Ilan ba ang estudyante ng Able School....Well...200+ lahat kami dito, except sa mga higher year na may field trip for a month outsise the country. 'Anong gagawin natin?' tanong ni Jess and nagpapanic parin ito, tumingin ito kay Aaron at sa aken. Hindi ko rin alam gagawin ko, i'm confuse right now...should we stay here?   'We should get out of school.' Raven suddenly said and we look at her. Should we?

'Look' Raven said while looking at the window. Tumingin kami sa bintana at natakot sa nakita ko, dahil hindi lang nag-iisang klaseng chimera ang nandoon, bukod sa wolf ay may mga lumilipad na mga ibon. Parang ganun sa wolf din ay parang pinag-experimentuhan din ang mga ito, kahit hindi ko makita ng malapitan ay sigurado ako. I was terrified when i saw one flied and pick a human in the ground using its claw. Their sizes are different, may kasize ng average human at mas malaki sa amin.

uAaron said while pointing it when another bird snatched someone on the ground again. Raven slaps Aaron hand. 'Hey..' he complaines. 'Don't point at them, thats not nice.'she said.

Then i saw two birds heading towards our direction. 'Run!' sigaw ko.  Tumakbo kami sa may exit area at bago kami nakapunta ay nakita ko nagcrash yung dalawang ibon sa bintana. Sinara namin ang pinto at naglakad papuntang 1st floor since may back door doon para makalabas ng building. Tinignan muna ni Aaron kung walang chimera sa labas at ng sinabi niya na wala siyang makita ay saka kami lumabas. Agad agad kaming tumakbo, 'Raven where are we going?'  Tanong ni Aoi habang karga karga siya ni Raven sa likod niya. Aoi is still expressionless but his grip to Raven was tight. 'Caden?' Raven ask.

Saan kami pupunta? 'Hindi ko alam pero ang importante ay makalayo tayonsa sa school' i told them. I have a house in this town but i live alone separately with my brother. Our parents live us here in this town when we started to go to our school gor our abilities. They're out of the country right now.

u Aaron said and Jess nodded at him. The two of them are born in this town so they have their family here.The town is actually big; its like a country size. Im not kidding its for real.

And as for Raven she live with her aunt but her aunt is always not home ao she is always alone in the house, she always crush in my house and sleep their.

'Okay lets go.' I told them.


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