Task Five: Poison Study

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"Wake up!" yells Maverick as he shakes me, I wake up startled, Maverick stops shaking me,"you're a heavy sleeper damn." He says.

"Whatever," I say rubbing my eyes, "what's going on?"

He nods to where our other three allies are sleeping, "they've been poisoned won't get up, an announcement just came on, telling us to go to the Cornucopia for the cure, so, umm, get ready."

I get up and pick up my mace, walking over to Amethyst I kneel down next to her, she breathes deeply as if she were in a deep trance, she smiles slightly and sighs, maybe she's having a dream about butter, that usually makes her happy. I smile too.

"Maybe she's just thinking about Maverick or Cole." I think to myself.

I roll my eyes at my own statement, they were all stupid. I'd expect this from Amethyst, she's not exactly the sharpest tool in the tool shed, but that fact that both Maverick and Cole were letting this happen was very stupid, did they not all realize that if Amethyst were to survive, the only person that could survive with her was me? I shook my head, I hoped Amethyst would figure out sinn because I sure as hell didn't want to be the one to tell her.

I turned around and saw Maverick standing there grinning, his mouth was slightly opened as he looked as Amethyst.

"Close your mouth buddy, you look dumb." I said.

He snapped out of his trance, and as if he didn't even hear my remark asked "You ready?"

I nodded and spun the mace around in my hand admiring it, Sabrina joined us a murderous expression in her face and we headed towards the Cornucopia.

When we got there two other tributes were there, Carolina- Ax and Krista, neither Cody nor Grey were anywhere in sight, we watched carefully hoping that they wouldn't come up behind us. As we navigated the now dry maze we kept watch for any of the other tributes but they were either in the maze or not here. We reached the centre of the maze first, we each grabbed an antidote and started to leave, suddenly Carolina-Ax and Krista ambushed us, apparently they had teamed up trying to eliminate the careers, it was an easy fight, Maverick pinned Krista to the wall and Carolina-Ax was left alone, Sabrina kneed her in the stomach and she doubled over in pain, I punched her sending her flying into the wall.

" go ahead." I said to Sabrina, I knew she needed to get her anger out somehow.

She nodded and went to work on Carolina, I turned around scanning the horizon for Cody or Grey to appear but they were nowhere to be found, when Sabrina finished Carolina was lying in a pile of her own blood, but she was still breathing, it looked like she wouldn't be getting the antidote. Maverick let Krista go, she grabbed the las antidote and ran into the maze trying to get out. I saw a huge figure standing in the edge of the maze, Cody had finally made it to the party.

" Let's go." Said Maverick, " We don't need to see this."

We both nod and leave, the last thing I see is Cody running into the maze, in the same direction Krista is trying to get out.

When we get back to camp we inject our partners with the antidote, when Amethyst hears the story she hugs me and smiles, but quickly moves on to thanking Maverick, late into the night I can still hear her thanking him over and over for saving her life as we all sit around the fire. I get up and walk to the beach just as the faces appear in the sky, Carolina- Ax and Revere, followed by Krista and Ember. I smile slightly at the fact that Cody managed to get the cure, I was happy he was still alive, after all I'd fit in better in my short time with Cody and Grey then I had in these whole games with the rest of the careers.

That night I sleep on the beach, away from the rest of the group.

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