His Best Friend (Niall)

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Being best friends with five famous boys was harder than you think. Girls always wish they could have some relationship with them, and I understand, for I was the same, but the prize comes with many downfalls. For one, you can be hated so much it become unbearable…which is even more harder to handle when you are not secure about yourself and two, the feelings and crushes you had for the boys…or should I say boy that you liked the most did not magically disappear when you became best friends. As much as one could have hoped, the crush did not go away, but grew stronger. The more I got to know the boys, the more I realized I was in love with my best friend, I was in love with Niall James Horan. Many wouldn’t think this as a bad thing, but you wouldn’t understand till you were put in the same position.

My phone lit up. I wished it was him, and it luckily was, he had kept his promise this week to call me after there concert on Friday, which was today.

"Hey Babe, get on line! lol" his message read as I quickly grabbed my laptop and signed into Skype.

As soon as I logged in I was receiving an incoming call. His name flashed across my screen. Did I look okay? Did I look like i was trying to hard? He has no idea how much I love him! Were the only things running through my head as I clicked the accept button. I was instantly greeted by that Irish accent that made my heart sip a beat whenever I heard its melodic tone.

"Hey!" said Niall excitedly, but I could tell he was really tired and that he was really making an effort to stay up and talk to me.

"We’ll, isn’t it my favorite Irishman!" I said in my horrible rendition of his accent.

He laughed, I loved his laugh. It was infectious and beautiful and could always make me smile.

"Yea love, we’re going to have to work on that," he gasped between breaths. "I thought you had forgotten about me!"

Forget about him is the one thing I wish I could do.

"Of course not!" I exclaimed, " I just thought you would be having to much fun to be bothering with me."

He got this weird look on his face.

"You saw the pictures didn’t you?"

"Yes, how could I not have, they are everywhere."

"Love….you know I was drunk as who knows what that night, they meant nothing….I haven’t even been able to have any real fun without you being here, you know that,"

I cut him off.

"Niall, its fine, I just don’t want you to get yourself hurt."

I lied. He could usually see right through those, but not when they were pertaining to him and our relationship with each other.

" You look really tired though, so, I’ll let you go to bed." I faked a smile, trying to quickly change the subject.

"Yea, I am. I love you." he said with a smile.

" Love you too, Now get some sleep!" I quickly logged off before the tears fell. The tears of jealousy, pain and knowing his I love you, would never mean the same as mine to him.

He loved me like a best friend, while I was in love with him. Another night of tears was ahead.

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