The Acceptance Letter

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"Abigail!!!! Can you get the mail!!" It was more of a demand then a question, so I slouched off my bed and landed on the soft carpet.

Mmm the carpet, so soft, can I sleep here? No come on Abigail mum is going to kill you if you don't get off your lazy butt!

"Coming mum!!" I said sighing. Why couldn't she just get the mail herself? Ugghhhh

I jumped down the steps and opened the front door to be greeted by a very happy Lola (Abigail's Great Dane), she jumped all over me, surprisingly this time I didn't fall down.

I walked to the mail box. I brought all the mail out and flicked through it "Christina, Christina, Robert, Robert, ooooh Abigail".

I passed the remaining letters to mum, including the junk mail, and went to my room to open my letter. I can't believe it, my very own letter, what is this? It's not my birthday? Wait is it? Shhh Abigail open the letter, carefully.

I slowly lifted the seal of the letter and gradually slid the crinkled paper out. It read:

Dear Abigail Turner,

You are now 16. The time has come for you to attend the School of the Supernatural. We acknowledge your understanding of the supernatural and only hope that you will appear at our gates in the next 5 days and soon you will be attending this magnificent school. You will need to pack anything that you can't live without and bring only one living animal who in time will be of great use to you in your training and battles. We can only imagine how much this may be as a shock to you but your gift is greatly needed, as well as the other powers you possess. We expect that you will be at the gates of the school at exactly 6:00am. Do not be late. Also, parents are strictly not allowed in this school, unless, they possess the same supernatural powers as you do.

Kinds regards,

Professor Phoenix Ever-heart

My heart started to race extremely fast, what had I just read? Surely this wasn't real. Me? Supernatural powers? I mean the closest I got to having supernatural powers was hearing whispers in the wind and being able to sense someone coming pretty far away but surely that didn't mean anything?

"Mum?!! Can you take a look at this letter please?" I could hear mums loud footsteps coming and it wasn't until she was in my room that I started to get really confused.

"Yes?" She said with her eyebrows raised up.

"Well this letter is just, really weird. I don't believe anything it's saying, it's just impossible that this can happen. Can you please read it?"

"Ok" she said as she took the letter out of my hand. She read:

Dear Abigail Turner,

Your results at your current high school have confirmed that you are eligible to attend Harvard University. As a straight A student we have recognised that with brilliant grades you are able to attend Harvard University at the age of 16. 6 other students at your exact age will be attending also and we highly recommend that you attend as soon as possible. Within in the next 5 days you will be able to attend Harvard University and are allowed to bring one pet due to the large amount of room in the dorms and the ability to care for animals at Harvard is very high at this time.

Kind Regards,

Professor Andrew Gartner

She threw the letter in the air and gave me a huge hug "This is so amazing Abigail!! Why would you be so confused?!!! This is fantastic news, come, we have to tell your father"

I looked at the letter, my eyes were bulging out of my head. What the hell did my mum just read? Maybe she can't read what I have read because I'm special? Am I really supernatural?

I looked down at the letter one more time. Me a straight A student? able to go to Harvard? Pffff those people can really lie. Wait is that a supernatural power? The ability to lie? or is that compulsive lying disorder? Who knows.

I ran down to tell dad what mum had just read and he also had the same reaction. They were so happy for me but they really had no idea that I wasn't going to Harvard, I was going to the School of the Supernatural. I had powers, but I didn't know what they were and I had 6 other people joining me.

With all the confusion going through my head I couldn't help but think about talking to one of my friends and tell them about my current situation. I knew they would think I was going crazy but I had to tell someone another this weird news, it was driving me crazy keeping it a secret. So, I rang my bestie Caitlyn.

"Oh my god! Caitlyn I got the strangest letter. It said I was going to this supernatural school or something?! I don't know what the hell it is?"

"Oh my god me too!! Meghan, Grace, Brandon, Parker and Ayden got it as well!!"


"We didn't want to call you because we thought you didn't have any supernatural powers and we didn't want you to think we were going completely nuts or something"

"Wow this is so weird, like seriously weird. Have you even experienced supernatural powers?"

"Nope, but I guess we will find out what our powers are, I hope mine has something to do with being able to read minds or being able to fly!!"

"Are you crazy Caitlyn!! This is probably just one big scam or some stupid prank our parents are playing on us! Because my mum read something totally different to what I read"

"Didn't it say on your letter that your parents can't read it if they aren't supernatural?"

"No, not on mine"

"Well it said in big bold letters on mine, it went something like this: Due to your parents not being supernatural, they are unable to read this information which will cause them to read something entirely different, most likely about going to University early"

"that's exactly what my mum read, something about going to Harvard! Well I'm going to go talk to my parents and convince them to let me take Lola, so bye Cat!"

"Bye Abbey"

"Oh wait, are you bringing your pet dog or cat?"

"I'm going to bring Sparky, cause you know, having a dog will be pretty awesome at a supernatural school"

"Well I hope mum and dad let me bring Lola cause imagine bringing a Great Dane to our new school, people will be so scared of her when we do training and have battles, it's going to be so awesome!!"

"Yes!! I'm so excited!"

"Well I gotta go now Caitlyn, bye"

"Bye Abbey"

Well Abigail you have a lot of convincing to do. It's time to act natural. Don't let them see your weakness. They can't know I'm going to a supernatural school.

"Mum?Dad? You know how in the letter it said I could take one pet?"


"Can I pleeeeease take Lola? I know she is really big but I need company"

"Sure sweetie, it did say in the letter they would appreciate if you brought a pet, so if you really want to bring Lola with you your more than welcome to"

"Thank you so much mum and dad, don't worry I'm going to bring tons of food with me, her toys and all the rest of her belongings" I ran over an gave them a giant hug.

I can't believe I'm bringing my Great Dane with me to a supernatural school. This is seriously the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. Not only was I going to attend a supernatural school with my best friends and my dog but I was going to find out what type of supernatural powers I had and I was going to be taught how to use those powers. 5 more days and I was going to be known as Abigail the girl with the ability to .............. But who knows right?

It wasn't until I realised that there was a map on the other side of the letter that made my mind explode. There was a map of my house. My house and in the distance of the house there was a set of mountains. In the mountains there was marked an area that said: Dragon Cliff. I looked at it closely and saw that the cliff was shaped as the head of a dragon, it's teeth were stone and it's eyes were lava. What is this place?

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