Ch 11

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That night Cam went home,

His parents where going out of town tomorrow

That night I took a shower and went to bed when I got home

The alarm woke me up at 6:20, when I got up excited to see cam cause he's going to school today!

I put on my dark black high waisted shorts, with my tie dye cropped top and

My black vans

I ran downstairs grabbed a banana

" mom I'm going to tutor cameron after school" I said as peeling the banana

" okay just be home by 6" she said as I walked out the door

I walked to Cameron's house

When I got to his house I ringed the door bell, and his mother answered.

" oh hi becca its, so nice to see you sweetie" she said as I walked in

" Cameron's up in his room, you can hurry him up" she said while packing her purse

I walked up the stairs into his room

He was putting his shirt on, as I walked in

" oh, I'm sorry" he said while standing there while is abs where out

I stood and stared

" you like what you see?" He asked

"Oh uhh haha.. " I said in a distant voice

he walked toward me pulling me in to him, our hips touched, he leaned in and kissed me, he circled his tongue in my mouth I sled my hands down his bare back, as I felt his shivers.

His lips where nice and hott, but his body was cold as I felt his six pack

I pulled away

" alright you need to get dressed" i said while pulling him away

" or we can get undressed" he said while giving me a smirk

" haha no, your moms home" I whispered

" so you'd do it if she wasn't here" he said

I rolled my eyes and left the room

He followed me downstairs

" cameron, I will be gone for 3 days, I'm going to Flordia for a business trip hun, I have food in the fridge, and if you need anything I left you money" she said

" if I run out of food, BECCA can cook for me!" He yelled

I smiled

" alright" she said while leaving to house

We left behind her

School was boring the whole day

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