More Than Just Friens

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When Bubbles Woke Up She Still Had That Smile On Her Face Thinking Butch Wanted To See Her.But She Didn't Know At What Time She Was Going To Meet Him Bubbles Got A Bit Worried "At What Time Am I Going To See Butch Again Oh I Wish I Asked Him Yesterday"Said Bubbles A Bit Worried But Bubbles Knew She Would See Him Anyways "Grandma I'm Going For A Walk" Bubbles Said "Ok Bubbles Just Don't Be Late For Dinner Ok" Said Her Grandma "Ok I Promise Grandma"So Bubbles Left As Quick As She Can She Went To The Same Place She Saw Butch Yesterday "Hopefully I Will Find Butch Here" Said Bubbles Getting More And More Worried "Boo"Said A Voice "Ahhh" Said Bubbles So Bubbles Quickly Turned Around To See Who It Was "Oh Butch It's Just You Why Did You Scare Me Like That?" Said Bubbles Not Scared Anymore That She Knew It Was Butch Who Said That "Oh Just Wanted To Give You A Little Scare"Said Butch "Oh Ok Butch"Said Bubbles "Hey Butch Lets Go Over There" Bubbles Said With Joy That She Wanted To Go There "Oh Well Ok" Said Butch So Bubbles Quickly Grabbed Butch's Hand Not Knowing She Did. Butch Blushed. After They Got There Bubbles Noticed She Was Grabbing Butch's Hand So She Pulled Away Fast. "Let's Go To There" Bubbles Said "Sure" Said Butch When They Got There Bubbles Fell A Sleep On The Bench Where She Was Sitting Next To Butch It Was Getting Dark So Butch Quickly Grabbed Bubbles On His Arms And Carried Her To His House Later That Day Bubbles Woke Up "It's 7:00 Am But I Though It Was About 7:00 Pm" Bubbles Said "You Fell A Sleep" Said Butch "I-I Did"Said Bubbles Blushing That Butch Saw Her Go To Sleep "Yes" Said Butch "T-Thanks For Taking Me To Your Place" Said Bubbles "Your Welcome" Said Butch "Hey Bubbles There's Something I Want To Tell You" Said Butch "Yeah" Said Bubbles "Well Bubbles Want To Be My Girlfriend" Said Butch "Yes Yes Yes!!!" Said Bubbles So Happy That Butch Said That

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