White Girl in a Black Girl Body . (Interracial Romance)

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I hate it here. I hate everyone here. I hate the teachers.

They're either racist or perverts. Even though there is a teacher I wouldn't mind being a pervert.

Dang I'm talking to myself again! But I am the only one

here that makes sense to myself, I have to talk to myself. The idiots heredon't comprehend my thinking.

They never will.

So I'll just keep smiling while I silently curse everyone for waking slow in this LITTLE HALLWAY! FOR THE LOVE G-

"Heyyy Araa"



I don't want to respond.

Respond Bel.

Respond before your demeanor to her changes from social butterfly to a narcissist.

"Heyyyyiii Jen Len!"

that was the stupidest name I made up for her.

Almost to the classroom. Thank the Heavens and their Father.

Time to focus. Bellwork. I wish she'd move. Thank you. Ugh.

"Arabella , did you do the homework?"

Tanisha Washington. Why are you talking to me. No I didn't. Lie. Lie to this big bone broad.!

"Yea, why" .  I said solemnly

"Oh , bro let me copy right quick"

"Nisha why you ain't do the homework broad?".

Inquiring mind likes to know.

"I was busy"

Bitch you a lie. You were busy in Jear's mouth.

Chuckling I responded with a smooth "Naw, I ain't finish it"

"You need to tighten bro. You slackin' foreal foreal"

Hold on WAIT.

DID SHE JUST ... I'm just going to let it go.. I'm tired. Don't feel like blabbering back and forth. Must. Turn. Around.

I turned around slowly and viciously wrote down the vocabulary words for my English class.


After first period I immediately went to the bathroom to freshen up. Looking in the mirror and readjusting my

my long kinky twists that were tightly spun in a bun on top of my head, the door to the bathroom swung wide

open and startled me but before I could turn around and see who it was the lights went off. And the person

grabbed me ferociously in the face by my cheeks and neck and kissed me. Hard. I didn't know what to do. I'm

a awkward person. Do I just stand there, do I kiss back? Instincts kicked in and I grabbed the person by the

neck and squeezed hoping it had an affect on them. It didn't, they grabbed my arms and pushed them above head.

They put their chest up to mine.

It's a boy. Thank God. Thank God they turned the lights out because I had peach fuzz- AM I SERIOUS.

I'm thinking about my armp- "Im gonna say this once and one time only. I see the way you walk, talk, stand,

smell. I like it. A lot. I also like how you don't act stereotypically like your skin says you should. I like

everything about you especially-" he paused. Why are you pausing. Ok I know this is gonna sound soooo

lame but his voice melted me. My knees were weak.My soul left. I wish I could see his face. He had the

southern twang every other white boy  had. He had to be one of numerous country boys here. Which I actually

love, no shade to my black men but it's just the ones here are so rude and I never condone smoking. And

every black boy does it here. And they're the main ones calling me out of my na- *GASP* He was holding my

butt, or all he could fit in one hand. No one could hold ALL of my butt but he had one cheek in his hand. At this

point I was comfortable. I liked this. it gave me action in my simple life.

"This. It fits so well and sits up all on its own. Dang, I wish there were girls around my way with a body like

this. Every time I see you my mind races. I wish I could... talk to you but they never would allow it. but I.. " I

was stunned.

Frozen in shock. not fear. I could've been kicked his behind but I wanted this. I never got this close to a boy

before. And even thou this was wrong . it felt so good. I felt his hot rough hands leave me and my body. I

instantly felt cold and distant from him. I needed to hear him speak again. Who are you I grabbed his large

hand. "Why confess this in the dark? what will happen? Even thou you're quite touchy, you seem genuine.

Please who are you?" my voice strained, I felt for the lights on the wall. But slid my hands across the tiles

slowly so he wouldn't hear me.

I could tell he wasn't black. The light pecking from the outside coming through the cracks of the door showing

his arms told me. But I couldn't see his face.

I mean I find it kinda rude, just confess your feelings and near sweep me off my feet" I joked, laughing lightly.

He chuckled lightly almost making my knees buckle. I'm so vulnerable. I'm such a attention whore.

he started by saying ,Well I guess I shou- RING!! Shit, I'm late for Callahan. But id rather be here. Even though

this is my last tardy.

All of a sudden a force - him- pushed me to the ground. And I heard something hit the floor. IT BETTER NOT BE

MY PHONE. I heard him swear, and quickly apologize.  "See ya around Arabell" I quickly looked up seeing a

glimpse of his sun tanned arm quickly disappear behind the door . I just sat there dumb founded. Did this

really happen? I have a white cowboy admirer. I love this. Finally a movie moment in my life. I stumbled and

walked to the light after a few moments of looking for it. Oh, my phone was on the sink like before. What fell..

I scanned until I seen a ring. It was class ring. A ruby gem atop the silver band. I scanned it. Looking for a

name, achievements, anything. Ha! Found the date. C/O .. 1990! Wtf?? Was that a teacher?

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