. . . Chapter 1. . .

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     In which every pirouette must be perfect. In which all leaps must be perfectly overslpit. In which I must always be perfect. It's not ideal, or even healthy, but it's the lifestyle I've chosen for myself. I am going to be a professional ballerina. There's nothing else I'm even remotely interested in, ballet is it for me. 

     I just graduated from "high school" if you can even call it that. I was homeschooled from the moment I was born. I never cared, I was always dancing. Dance was my social life. Even so, that part of my life was over now. I packed up my bags and said goodbye to New York. I now lived in Sydney in a small apartment with my lifelong best friend Nate attending the Sydney School of Dance together. Nate is seriously amazing. We've been partnering together forever, and he never messes up. He's tall and slender, with dancer mucsles of course, and has sandy brown hair that looks like dirt. Pretty dirt though. He keeps it short and always gelled to perfection. Did I mention he's also gay? That's the only reason my parents were okay with us sharing an apartment. Because there is no way in any universe that he'd ever make any sort of pass at me. Ever.

     It's still Summer. Classes haven't started yet but Nate and I wanted to get to Australia as soon as possible. We pretty much stay in our apartment all day wishing we had jobs. Which quite frankly we need to get to pay for our apartment. For graduation presents from our parents they're paying for the first 6 months of mortage. After that. . . we're on our own.

     So as I stare a white wall reminding myself to ask my landlord if I could paint it, I hear a sound. Naturally it's my stomach. 

"NATE." I yell and patiently wait for a response.




     I wait. Seconds turn to minutes. Soon it's been 17 minutes and Nate finally decides to make an appearance.

"So you finally decided to show up? Nate, seriously what took you so long?"

"I had to do my hair!"

     Of course. We step out into the hot air and I immediately wish I had worn shorts because my legs were producing more sweat by the minute.

"Where are we even going?" Nate laughs to himself. "You never have a plan do you?"

     Desperate to help my case I search around the nearby streets for somewhere to eat.

     Then, I see it.

Authors Note!: Okay so I'm trying this whole fanfiction thing after reading 8 million of them, so lets see where this takes us! I'm super excited and have a lot of ideas already! And don't worry, we'll meet da boi next chapter.

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