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There Was Once A Girl That Was So Happy All The Time She Had All Pigtails And Light Blonde Hair And Her Eyes Made A Sparkle Bright Baby Blue And Her Name Was Bubbles She Lived On The Other Side Of The Country Called Townsville One Day A Strange Bad Boy With Black Hair And His Eyes Where All Dark Green He Never Seemed To Smile He Only Smirked His Name Was Butch..........One Late Night Bubbles Was Taking A Walk On The Park At Midnight She Heard A Noise And Said "Wha-what Was T-that" She Said So Very Worried "I-I Better Get Going" Said Bubbles So Bubbles Ran As Fast As She Could And There Boom!!!!!She Fell In A Blink Of An Eye "Owww" Bubbles Said Beginning She Wanted To Cry But When She Looked Up She Saw Someone The Boy Helped Her Up "Thanks So Much" Bubbles Said Very Happy That She Knew She Was Not Alone "No Problem" Said The Boy.But Bubbles Quickly Remembered "Your Name's Butch Right" Said Bubbles With A Smile Trying Not To Blush In front Of Him "Yeah My Name Is Butch You Must Be Bubbles Right" Butch Said With A Smile "Yes I Am Bubbles" She Said Thinking That Was The First Time Butch Ever Smiled At Her Bubbles Quickly Looked At The Time "Oh My Well I Better Get Going My Grandma Is Going To Get Really Worried If I Don't Show Up Soon" Bubbles Said With A Big Worry "I'm Really Sorry" Bubbles Said "Oh It's Ok It Happens A Lot Bubbles Well.....See You Tomorrow" Said Butch

"Yes See You Tomorrow Butch" Said Bubbles And Quickly Left Skipping And Smiling Because She Knew butch Wanted To See Her Again Tomorrow......

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