Ch. 1

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Here I was, sitting on my lazy ass, watching E! on TV. I mean, what else is there to do anyway? Outside is full of bullshit, and I would rather stay inside, except school days. But today was the weekend, and I say staying inside is the best choice.

I turned the channel to Fashion Police, and laughing at everyones answers. I turned my head, hearing my mothers furious voice. "ALISSA RACHEL MORGANS!" My mother yelled. "Shit," I mumbled. "Yeah?!" I responded. I heard her foot steps come towards me. "Have you even been outside in your life?" She asks. "Yeah, when I have to go to school." I responded honestly. She face palmed. "What?" I asked innocently. "OTHER than for school purposes?" She asks me once again. "Uh, no. Have a problem with that?" I asked. "I actually do." She said.

"Okay, Alissa," She starts. I have a feeling this won't be good. "I force you to get outside, for an entire, atleast, 4 or 5 months. I decide." I gaped. "WHAT?! MOM NO!" I screamed. "Don't raise your voice at me, young lady." She said sternly. I groaned. "But, mom! It's four or five damn months! I can't survive going outside, it's hell out there!" I screamed. "Oh well. You need fresh air, and not E! TV air!" She orders. "Ugh, fine." I said. "Great, now go outside, now." She said while giving me my coat. "Wait, wha-" I was so confused. "Goodbye! Come back at 7, top!" My mom smiled, then close the door.

"Fuck you, mum." I mumbled to myself. I sighed and moved my blonde hair from my face. I was wearing sweatpants, with boots. Under my grey jacket, I had a shirt that had a comic on it. I had make-up on and all of that, also. I'm just really lazy to actually tell you what it is.

I looked around the suburb. There were not many things going on. But I heard that usually at the park, Wallock Park, there are many people there on weekends. And since I wanted to actually SEE something, I ran there.

Just as I expected, the entire school was there. I saw many things being tossed around in the air, and I guessed it was a party. And everyone was invited, since the geeks were invited too. Sighing, I went into the wild party and decided to look around.

I grabbed my phone and turned on some music, blocking out the music of artist I despise, really.

I put it on random and What I Like About You by 5 Seconds of Summer began to play.

That's what I like about you

You hold me tight

Tell me I'm the only one

Wanna come over tonight?


Keep on whispering in my ear

Tell me all the things that I wanna hear

'Cause it's true, that's what I like about you

What I like about you

You really know how to dance

When you go up, down, jump around

Think about true romance, yeah

Keep on whispering in my ear

Tell me all the things that I wanna hear

'Cause it's true, that's what I like about you

I sang along to the music, mumbling it to myself. I stared at the others, watching the drunk people embarrass themselves like hell. I laughed as one of them twerked by a sober girl. "Get the fuck away from me!" She squealed. "Don't like my beautiful ass?" He smirked. "Ugh!" She said. She walked passed me, exiting the party.

"Bored?" A guy asked me. I jumped at his voice. "Holy fuck! You scared me!" I grabbed my heart dramatically. He chuckled. "Sorry," He said while blushing. Aww, he looked cute. "It's fine. And yeah, I'm bored." I sighed. "What's your name?" He asked. "Alissa." I said, finally bothering to look at his face. He looked familiar. "Pretty name. My name is Luke." He says. "Weren't we in Chemestry and Math together?" I asked. He nodded. "Knew I recongnized you." He smiles.

We talked throughout the entire party, until I had to go. "Text you later, yeah?" I asked. "And Skype, don't forget Skype!" He says. I nod. "See you later Lukey Pookey!" I smirked. "Don't call me that!!" He whines. "I will never stoppp!" I smiled. "Ew." He makes a disgusted face. "UGH, YOU'RE SO DIRTY!" I pushed him. "Oh well." He says. "But, really, I need to go. See ya later!" I waved. He waved back and watched the rest of the party.

Once I made it home, I frowned a bit. "DID FASHION POLICE COME ON WITHOUT ME?!" I screamed. "The outside didn't change you?" My mom frowned. "Not one bit." I lied with a cheeky grin. In all honesty, I think it changed me a bit. It was all Luke's fault though.


"LUKE!" I screamed and ran up the stairs, towards my room. "I'm not even gonna ask." I heard my mum say. "Good!" I yelled, even though she didn't ask me. I clicked the Skype icon and typed in my username, AlissaBaconLovesTV. Yeah, I do really love Bacon and TV though. I typed in Luke's name and he popped up. He took a selfie. I rolled my eyes and added him as a contact, which he accepted.

He typed something into the chat box. I waited for him to tell me, and there it said.

Luke: Sorry, I have to actually go somewhere now. It's a change of plans, sorry!

Me: It's okay, I'm sleepy anyway. Plus, I never finished my homework AND I missed an episode of Fashion Police! :c

Luke: Fashion Police? Really Ali?

Me: Don't judge! I remember you told me that you like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Luke: Shut up.

Me: Hehe c:<

Me: Anyway, I'm REALLY tired, so Imma go, alright?

Luke: And miss Fashion Police?!

Me: And this is why we have a magical thing called Netflix c:

Luke: Touche >.<

Me: Hehe

Luke: I have to go too, see you tommorow at school, alright?

Me: Alright, bye!

Luke: Bye!

I shut my laptop and spinned in my chair. Luke might be my first best friend. He's nice, funny, and really sweet. And like me! It's awesome.

I yawned and checked the time. "Holy shit! It's 9:56 PM already?!" I gaped. I shook my head and ran downstairs and took an apple. Running back upstairs, I changed into my panda pajamas, and got into my comfy bed. I turned on the TV, and began watching Fashion Police while eating my apple. "Oh my gosh, that's a fashion FAIL! One does not wear THAT onto a red carpet." I sighed as I shook my head.

While watching the 10th episode, I fell asleep, dreaming of panda's, somehow, Luke, and...



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