Rosies got a crush!

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"Morning ma" Walking into the office, I sit down on the small couch and look at my mom. She's going through paperwork on the two cars that's new. A 67 black impala and a 2012 Blue BMW.

"Hey baby. Ima need you to bust your ass today. Opie and Lowel are out for the day picking up more supplies in Nevada." I nod.

"Gotcha. How's Abel" Asking about my newly born nephew, makes my mother sigh.

"He's in the damn box until they due the surgery. He's got a small chance of making it. But he's a teller. He's strong." I nod and smile.

"Us tellers don't die easy ma. Let me know if you need anything okay ?" She smiles and thanks me. As I walk into the garage and put my work shirt on over my white tank thay I knows going to get ruined with oils and what not anyway.

Turning on the radio, rock music fills the garage and the guys head out to do whatever it is for the day. I get to work fixing the impalas radiator.

"Excuse me?" Someone kicked my boot and I sighed. Sliding out from under the car. A was met with a muscular blue eyes, blonde haired man.

"How Can I help you?" I ask politely. He smiled and pointed to the office.

"Don't mean to bother you, but no one's in the office. We received a call earlier this morning, saying the car should be done Soon. I just wanted to see if she was ready yet." He asked and I smiled.

"I'm actually just about done. Just needs a few bolts tightened and she'll be good to go. You can go wait in the office. I'll need you to sign some paperwork. " He smiles and nods. Walking into the office and taking a seat and I head back under the hood. Tightening a few bolts.

"Okay Sir. Let's get you going." I smile at him , wiping my hands on an rag. Pulling his paperwork out of the drawer and grabbing his keys from the hook. I signed my name and finished the numbers.

"That'll be 150.98 and I need your signature on the line please, Mr. Winchester. " I handed him the clipboard for him to sign his name and he did so quickly, handing it  back, and opening his wallet. 

"Here you go, Rose. " He read my shirt and smiled. Taking his keys.

"Have a great day , Mr.Winchester. " He chuckled.

"Dean" I nod and watch him leave as my mom walks into the office.

"He's cute." She laughs.

"Yeah well. He's a drifter." And with that I went back to work.

"Rose" I hear Jax yell through the doors as I'm stocking behind the bar for the party tonight. Jackson Teller, my older brother. A major pain in the ass.

" What ?" I popped up from behind the bar and he smiles.

"Someone's here to see you" I raise my eyebrow and sigh. Looking over to the prospect, sack.

"Make sure all this gets stocked up. " He nods, taking my orders and immediately gets to work. I walk my way through the double doors. The man from earlier with the impala was standing there awkwardly next to my stepdad.

"Thanks clay " i smile and look at Dean.

"Mr. Winchester is everything alright with the impala ?" I ask concerned I fucked up his car.

"Yes, thanks . I came by to ask you if you wanted to get a drink sometime?I'm in town for a few days. " I smiled.

"Why don't you come by tonight ?we're having a party" I suggest and he nods.

"What time?" I take a second to think.

"8" he nods and walks away and I turn back to the guys. Clay, Jax, Piney, Chibs, Tig, Opie and Bobby all stood there.

"Rosies got a crush" Tig sang and I slapped him and walked inside.

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