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I have to get out of here. I have to get out. I'm tired of living my life for these people. Running drugs, selling my body, and if I don't willingly do it , they drug me and take what they want from me. I get beaten, raped, used. I was cut off from my family. I should've never let myself get Involved with these people.

My heart is beating so loud I swear the guys asleep can hear it. I acted like I was asleep a few hours ago. When we got home from a deal, I took a shower  and laid in my hotel bed. Waiting for them to bring my dinner. I had "fallen asleep" So they left me alone. Knowing how moody I am when I get woken up. They fell asleep in the chair, and couch and I quietly  get my bag, stuffing all my clothes inside. I take their wallets and take their cash, not their credit cards because then they could trace me. Putting JD's gun in my bag ,  I quickly and as quietly as I could, ran out the room.

I stuck out my thumb, and walked down the highway. I saw lights go from beside me to behind me.
"Where ya heading honey?" A blonde woman asked me. When I turned to her, she gasped at my appearance.  I began crying once I left the hotel. In fear the Organsa crew would find me.

"The bus station, please " she nodded and waved me into her Honda Civic. She drove me straight to the bus station.
"Thank you " I say softly, and grabbed my bag. She said goodbye. And drove away.

"Charming ,Calirfornia " was one of the greyhounds destinations, so I walked up to the ticket counter.
"Charming , California please " I said and she smiled and ring me up the ticket.

"78.90 please " I handed her 80 and grabbed the ticket, not waiting for the change or receipt.  I headed to the right labeled bus. With my hood up, so the cameras couldn't see my face. Jumping into the bus, I handed the driver my ticket and walked to the very back, and took my seat. Putting my bag beside me on the other seat.  Leaning my head against the window.

"Momo!" My pop yelled as I walked into the clubhouse. I smiled and ran up to my curly haired father.

"Hey dad" I laughed. He picked me up and spun me around. I haven't seen my dad since last summer, and I missed the guys dearly.

"Tig don't be selfish, share the hugs " Clay,  the president of Samcro called out. Dad let me go and I turned around, giving each of the guys a hug.

I didn't see Jax, my best friend and the Prince of charming. I looked at Gemma,  Jaxs mom, and Clays wife.

"He's out with Tara, ill let him know to come home. " She smiled and I not.

"Lets go out to dinner,  pumpkin" Dad pats my shoulder, and I follow him out to his bike. Getting on behind him after buckling my helmet. We headed to my favorite diner.

"How's your mom?" Dad asked this every time I get here. I'm starting to think he still loves her, deep down , anyway.

"Strung out most of the time. " I say sadly. And he stays quiet and nods.

"You can always come live here, Momo" I sighed and drank some of my milkshake .

"I know, but my life's in Florida dad." He sighed.

"I know kiddo. But always remember that. " I smiled and as the waitress put my food down, I told her my thanks and dug in.

"Moana Trager" I turned and looked behind me as I was beating Bobbys butt in pool.

That Charming voice, and that playboy smirk caught my eyes and I dropped my pool stick and ran to Jax. Wrapping my arms and legs around him. He rubbed my back and chuckled.

"Jackson! Oh my, I missed you" I beam and squeezed him with my thighs.

"Missed you too Lil Red" I had red hair, due to my mother. So he always made fun. I hop off him and smiled.

"How's Tara?" I asked with a raised eye brow .

"Fine, how's Austin?" I shrugged.

"Wouldn't know, I ditched him" Jax just shook his head and chuckled. And we went back to playing pool.


I  never went back after that summer. I cut off everyone from Charming, and that was the hardest thing to ever do. My mom died that Christmas. And I got into her issues. Trying to solve her drug problems didn't end well for me.

"WELCOME TO CHARMING" the bus driver spoke over the speakers. I rubbed my tired eyes, and stretched my back a bit. I grabbed my bag as the bus came to a stop, and stood. Throwing my bag over my shoulder.

The clubhouse wasn't far from here, maybe a 30 minute walk. I left my hoodie on, and pulled up my sleeves.

"How can I help you?" A new prospect asked as I walked into the porch , bench, area of the clubhouse. The boxing ring was still in the same spot. Everything was almost still the same besides the playground in the grass area.

"Uh I'm looking for Tig." Prospect crossed his arms.

"He's out on a run, he'll be back soon. " He said. And I not.

"I'll wait " I took a seat on the bench and lit a cig.

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