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DaniellexBarbarck:Can you make your favourite yaoi pairings in Naruto read the most disgusting,most horrifying,most rated r and restricted for children?! XD

Authors response:(rubs hands together and laughs evil) if course sweetie


Naruto:What did Lila mean about giving me free ramen at this placed

Sasuke:She told me this would be the perfect place to train

Deidera:She told me this is where I can find art things


Kakashi:I thought this is where Jiraiya-sama is so he can sign my

Obito:Lila told me Rin would be here

All:(stares at Obito)

Obito:If you keep staring at me like that,I could kill all of you easily (glaring)

All:(looks away)

Naruto:What was Lila talking about,is she lying?

(A computer is there and for all the sudden wood ties all of them and traps them)

Sasuke:What the?

(3 hours later)

Sakura:Uh Lila?


Sakura:(points to Naruto and Sasuke) why are sasukes and narutos eye sockets on fire? (points to Sasori and Deidera) why are they nose bleeding to death? (points to Kakashi and Obito) And...why is Obito strangling Kakashi-sensei

Obito:I will never go to bed with you! (strangling Kakashi)

Kakashi:Let go of me Baka! (struggling and strangled Obito back and both of them starts wrestling while saying insults to each other)

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