I got tagged..

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'Sup guys,

So this pretty cute guy tagged me and dude I am so looking forward to it *winks*

This is what you gotta do 1s somebody tags you-»

Write a story containing 20 facts about yourself, dedicate your story to the person who tagged you.

And nominate a handfull of people to do the same in the comments..

1-» I'm 20 years old but nobody believes it *rolls eyes* 

2-»My mum calls me a walking disaster and yes my friend she has a valid reason for calling me that :p

P.s. I love my mum.

3-» I'v got a tattoo of musical notes on my inner right thigh *whispers* that was a secret lol

4-» Butterscotch is my poison. Nobody gets to eat my ice cream..

5-» I love pole dancing and 1day I wanna do the 'peterpan spin', It just makes me feel like a bird, like for 1s I can fly and be free. 

6-» I plan on traveling the world. And go to 'P.sherman 42 wallaway bay, sydney'

And to those who have no clue about, what person holds this address, 'You gotta be kidding me, did not you watch finding nemo at ol'

7-» I am truely madly deeeply in love with 'Nemo'.

8-»The things which can make me Smile anytime, anywhere, no matter how bad stuffs get are, "Wind and kids"....feeling the wind hit ur body is 1of the best feelings.

And kids, well they just make u realise how easy it is to smile for no reason :p

9-» I go to this orphanage twice a week and I kindda sorta teach the kids there for free..

10-» My orphan kids taught me how to be strong when there's no reason to 'not be weak'

11-» I am pathetically in love with this guy who thought it'd be funny to not love me back anymore but nope I don't blame him for anything. Lets just say Life happned!! *rolls eyes*

(My book 'The stollen moment' is my real life luvstory)

12-» My best friend was my First kiss, wait am not blushing *hides face*, he's the hottest guy I'v met till date,a guy who'd do any damn thing to make me laugh..(A kiss to keep is my real life experinc lol lets just say its my 1st kiss haha)

13-» I hardly cry, the last time I cried was, well lets not talk about that but the last to last time was two years back.

14-» I love putting up fights..It's just fun to have fights and the bruises after the fight, Man I find them hot and sexy..

15-» I have 21stiches on my body. And I'v got my bones fractured like 3times, now you know why my mum calls me a walking disaster haha

16-» I wanna ride haya busa 1day. Haya busa is my dream bike. 

17-» I am one of those ppl who can't turn a challenge down, It's just tooo tempting lol

18-» I like to get drunk 1s in a while and be wasted, it keeps me sexy haha

19-» I am crazy about body shots..hot damn they are way too hard to resist.

20-» I met this guy on wattpad an year back and we got along pretty well, and then he ended up coming to my country just to see me, all the way from sydney. N god that guy was really something haha (If u know what I mean)

Phewww there you go, lol.You can judge me on these facts and I'll judge you on the basis of how you judge me *winks*

Now imma tag:







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