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I work as a Hacker and an Secret Agent.I love my job but it is really hard to get holidays and stuff...

It's been a while since i've seen my parent My StepFather is An Inventor my Stepbrother and Sister they were actualy nice to me.My stepbrother's name is Chase Sparks and My StepSister Is Brea Sparks They are not human they are bio-nics Half-Human Half-Robot they have superpowers just like me.But I am natural I was born with it...My real father has it but my mom doesnt.One day i got a call from my bos Ms.Francis.She doesnt know that i have superpowers Im here Top Worker

BOSS:Hi Agent.Sparks

ME:Good Morning Boss!

BOSS:Agent Im going to send you a Case (or whatever).You are going to save a famous Youtuber Called Joey Graceffa.

ME:Alright Ms.Francis!

Holy Shit! Im going to save Joey Graceffa!!! *screaming like a fan girl in my heart*

BOSS:You are going to start tomorrow.

ME:Thank you Ms.Francis

BOSS:One more thing! You will be his roommate for 6 month.He is going to pick you up @L.A International Airport.He is actualy finding a roommate so we've send you to him.


I think im going to pack up now.

Im so f exited to meet him i dunno i he gonna like me or not.But whatever YOLO..


I can't wait to see her! She is very beautiful when i saw her picture.I think her flight should be off now i should get ready. Thats it guys im sorry that this is short but i got school tomorrow bye and this is my first fan fic

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