Katie's POV

It was a typical Saturday night. Me and my boyfriend of two years Taylor were snuggled up on the couch while we both stuffed our faces full of Doritos and watched The Secret Life of The American Teenager. I started to get bored of the Doritos, so I sat up and shuffled over to the fridge to look for something more interesting. Taylor looked over at me "Whats wrong with Doritos?" He questioned. I didn't hear him because I had my head shoved in the fridge. I suddenly felt a pair of muscular arms wrap around my waist from behind; "Taylorrr..." I groaned as he kissed my neck "not now babe I'm hungry" I giggled. "Hungry for me" he smirked as he continued to nibble on my neck. I finally found what I was looking for, it took a while because Taylor was really distracting and a massive turn on. I pulled out a cheesecake and ran for the couch, leaving a very stunned Taylor standing in the middle of the kitchen looking at me, grinning.

I got back to the couch, only to realise that The Secret Life had ended, so I got up and searched through Taylor's DVD cabinet. I came across Pretty Woman, mine and my mom's favourite movie, all about a prostitute who falls in love with a rich guy. After putting it into the DVD player, I pressed play on the remote and the movie began. Taylor came and sat next to me, he put one arm around me and we both watched.

***45 minutes onto the movie***

I was getting really intent into the movie and couldn't keep my eyes off the screen, despite the fact that I'd seen it at least 15 times before. It was clear that Taylor was getting fed up, I felt his warm hand gently glide up my thigh. I let out a slight moan, causing Taylor to smile. I placed my hand over his crotch and began to rub it. Taylor moaned and our lips collided. It turned into a heated make out session, I was straddling Taylor with his hands on my butt. I was about to rip off his shirt when we both heard some wolf whistling and cheers behind us. Taylor and I tore apart to see Nash, Cameron, Hayes and Matt standing at our door. We'd not heard them come inside as we were so into it. "What the fuck are you doing?" Taylor groaned at the boys "you totally cocked this up!". Nash burst out laughing "we came around to see if you guys wanted to come to a party at Carter's place, but it looks like you two are already having your own" spluttered Nash inbetween laughs. Taylor ran his hand through his hair and looked at me. I nodded at him and he did the same back "yeah we'll come" I sighed, giving Taylor a kiss on the cheek before I walked upstairs to get ready.

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