Past Meet My Present

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"I'm so sorry Tris!" My voice broke off.

"But why did you left without saying goodbye atleast?" she said amids of crying.

"Because I can't put an end on everything between us." I said trying to regain myself.

"It'll kill me Tris! It'll fcking kill me!" My voice rising octaves. I can't handle this remorse any longer. I'll break down to pieces.

"Just stop crying Tris. It's killing me!" All I'm hearing is her sobs

"You can't end everything between us. Why?" her voice now still.

"I'm afraid. I'll lose you Tris! I'm doing this for us. I'm afraid that when I go back you already drifted away." I said my voice shaking

She faked a laugh "You know what? You're so selfish! You're just thinking about yourself! How about me? If you met somebody there you fall inlove and suddenly it's all rainbow and unicorns. What will happen to me if you wouldn't comeback? Rot myself to hell?!"

"You know It'll never happen Tris. Promise! I Swear! Please just don't overthink. Trust me." I pleaded

"You gotta be open with the possibilities Von! It'll won't work. The moment you flew you bring everything with you! I drifted away Von! Already."

"You can't forget about me. You know you will always love me." I pleaded.

"I still love you but I don't know how long I could hold on." Her voice trailed of. Please just don't do this to me.

"No Tris, you're not doing this to me. You'll wait for me. It's not over. I'm not letting you go. I ended the call. I went out of my room and drunk myself to hell.

Got to hell dad.

I called her the second my plane landed in Ireland. I'm here to study no more no less. I'm doing this for me and Tris. I hope she'll understand. My dad won't let me marry someone freely unless I had architech in my name. It's argumentative but with my dad it's not. He has his way on everything. That's just how the Dennings work


It has been 4 years and I finished school a year ago. Glad with the accelerration program of ITT. I'm going back to her. I'll be seeing her again. I did as I promised there's no rainbow and unicorns. There's no other girl and sht. Just wait for me Tris. 3 more hours.

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