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The girl entered.

Steven: Welcome Ma'am to our restaurant . how may I help you?

Girl: Hello! by the way I'am Roxanne and if you don't mind I just entered here to apply for OJT? Are you the manager?

Steven: No, Ma'am but wait for a moment Ma'am I will call our manager for your immediate response. Wait for a moment Ma'am. excuse me. (Steven talk to Julian).

Steven: Can you just entertain our guest and I will just call our manager? took care of that beautiful lady ok. I will be back. :)

Julian: Hello Ma'am! Welcome to our restaurant, for a moment Ma'am we were just call our manager can i served you anything?

Girl: No thanks, Im Ok. by the way Im Roxanne (give her hand to Julian and smiled.)

Julian: By the way Ma'am, Im Julian. :)

Girl: Nice to meet you Julian, I am looking forward to work with you here, if your manager will employed me, " ". hehehe.

The girl got employed to the restaurant because the manager needs more OJT. because some of the trainees will finished their training soon.

(The next part of story will also featured the girl Roxanne as she will entered for being a part of the story for the next chapters of this book.)

And also you will witness to the next part of this story why was entitled as hiding identity. :)

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