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aoyama was feeling weird around iida, it has gotten worse to the point where he had to push iida away. he doesn't know why he's doing that, but when iida is around aoyama he feels like there's a knot in his stomach. or when iida smiles or laughs it makes aoyama feel like his entire face is burning so he runs away.

aoyama sat at his desk in his room, where he stares at the mirror that lays in front of him. he sighs as he fixed himself; trying to look nice.

besides his mirror that was in front of him, there was also a piece of paper, a pen, and an envelope. aoyama was going to write a letter to iida.

and so he did.

next day iida finds a letter on his desk. it printed out his name on the front and on the back there lays a sticker of a cute sparkly heart. iida furrowed his brow as he opens the letter.

midoriya runs over there and he questions what the letter was about. and iida quickly skims it once or twice. he then reads it out loud to midoriya.

'As you read this letter, i want you to know that i have these weird feelings towards you. Oh, they are not bad feelings, they are good feelings. You might ask who i am. Although you might guess, but i wont say. Maybe you will ask others who i am, but it won't work. And so, i will end this letter saying that's you're just one of a kind and you make me feel happy.'

suddenly ochaco quickly walks over and snatched the letter. "what's this!!" she reads it quickly. "YOU HAVE A SECRET ADMIRER?!"

midoriya smiles widely. "that's so cute!" then he whispers. "maybe it's one of the girls in this class!"

ochaco smiles too. "awww!!"

iida thinks as he looks around the class. "but who would it be? what if it's class b or c?" he looks back at the two and he sighs.

midoriya grabs the note and looks at it. "it doesn't say any clues or anything... for what i see." he gently hands the paper back to iida.

iida folds the note and placed it in the envelope. "maybe they will confess later on this week?"

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