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How this Tournament works?

•The tournament will consist of 3 Rounds. Each round will have different twist and you will be making different type of graphics.

•There will be no elimination. You will only be disqualified once you can't pass your entry on the set deadline.

•The 3 editors who got the highest score combining all the points they got in all rounds will be proclaimed as the winners.

•The points you acquired in each round will be posted before proceeding to the next round. We will show you the ranking so you can monitor if you need to catch up and do better for the next round.

•Follow the guidelines and always keep track with the criteria to get better scores in each round.


Follow the organization's account. @Kficsawardsint so that you will be updated with our announcements.

•Add this book [KFICS Graphic Tournament] to your library and reading list.

Be Respectful. Respect the judges opinion. Their constructive criticism is just for your improvement. Don't start fights with your fellow contestants.

Don't plagiarize. Don't copy the works of others. You need to be original and creative.

Pass your entries on time. Failure to submit your entry may result to your disqualification.

Provide links for your entry. We won't be accepting your work through tagging us on your portfolio. It may ruin the quality of your graphic. You can send us a deviant link, imgur or google drive.

Be a good sport. Accept defeat and strive to improve.

Enjoy the contest. Don't be pressured! Have fun and try to mingle with your fellow contestants♥


Feel free to ask questions if you're confused with the rules and mechanics or you can DM Zhedgela to get faster replies.

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