Chapter 3 - "A Genius Plan"

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"Spencer, all you eat is rubbish! Put it down for once and eat some vegetables!" Kylie yelled towards her sister Spencer as she was grabbing a bag of chips.

Spencer was Kylie's 14 year old sister. They didn't look anything alike- probably because they had different dads. Spencer had blonde hair, and brown eyes. Their personalities much different too.

Kylie was staying the night at her mums since she hasn't visited in a few weeks.

She was happy to be home, but she didn't want to deal with her siblings.

Kylie's mum was 17 when she had her, so she was only 35. Kylie had never even met her dad before, and when Kylie was 4, her mum had gotten pregnant with her sister- Spencer. Cara, Kylie's mum then got married to Spencer's dad.

Kylie also had 2 other siblings, twins- Hanna and Otto. They were 7, and super annoying.

"So what's up with you and Niall?" her mum asked as she brought some tea over to where Kylie was sitting.

"Nothing, I guess. We're still friends" she tells her mum everything, so she's kept her up to date on Niall, and how she likes him.

"Don't worry, he'll realize one day" Cara said patting her daughters back

"Mum, he likes Ali. What am I supposed to do about that?" she sighed as she sipped her tea. "Oh sweetie, I'm sorry. Don't you think it might just be better staying friends with him? That Harry boy sure seems to like you, why don't you give him a chance?" she looked at her mum and burst out laughing. "Oh gosh, you're too funny. Harry?! He's one of my best friends, and just a weird kid." she giggled a little

"Alright, whatever you say. Dinner will be ready soon" Cara said as she got up and kissed Kylie lightly on the head, then walked into the kitchen.


"Hey" Niall said after Kylie picked up the phone. "Hey, what's up?" she bit her lip a little.

"Nothing, just checking up on you. Making sure Hanna and Otto didn't annoy you to death yet" he laughed. She laughed with him. "Oh, just about"

"Ooooh, is that Niall?! The boy that like and always talk about?!" Hanna yelled as she walked into Kylie's old room that she was staying in. "Shut up you brat! I don't like him!" she yelled back closing the door to her room.

"Sorry about that, she doesn't know what she's talking about. She's so annoying. Thank god I'm only staying the night" she laughed a little. Niall paused for a minute. "Oh, no. Its okay. So you like me, huh?" he joked. Kylie burst out into fits of laughter. "Oh gosh no." she lied. "Like I said, Hanna doesn't know what she's talking about" she lied again. "Ha, I was kidding. Take a joke, Ky. Ya don't want to kill yourself" he laughed that cute laugh of his.

"Right. Well, I gotta get going. Family bonding time. See you tomorrow if you're not doing anything" she looked around the room, embarrassed, even though she was on the phone with him and not with him.

"I'm sleeping over then" she heard him smile into the phone.

"Sounds like a plan. See you tomorrow night, mofo" and then she hung up.

She blushed at the thought that he said that.

She was already getting butterflies in her stomach.


"That's so fetch" Niall quoted along with Gretchen Wieners in a snotty girl voice.

They were watching Mean Girls, Kylie's favorite movie the next day when he was sleeping over.

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