Chapter Two

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A black jeep pulled into the parking lot of Forks High School just as it started to drizzle with rain. People stood by, staring at the vehicle that just arrived. Each of them had thought in their minds on what the new girl would be like. There was no question in everyone’s mind that it was a little bit strange that someone would move here so late in the year. Inside the jeep, Hadley could feel everyone’s stares even through the metal. 

‘So much for not being noticed,’ she thought as she laid her head on the steering wheel slowly. She gripped the wheel tightly and took deep breathes, willing her nerves to calm down. She remembered what she told Felix this morning and knew that she was being a little bit ridiculous. There really wasn’t anything to worry about, this was a new start. New beginnings usually meant that good things were in order, or that’s what she kept telling herself. Hadley took a look at her phone and saw that she only had a few minutes left before the warning bell rang. With one more deep breath she opened the door to face the entire school.

No one said a word to her, no one even smiled. They just continued to stare as she walked by rows and rows of cars. Hadley didn’t really blame them, she fully understood that she didn’t look like the most approachable person. Hadley knew that if she was in any of their shoes she wouldn’t want to approach anyone wearing all black, from her old black leather jacket to the faded black from her comeback boots. In her eyes, and surely everyone else’s, she was a no good kid. She accepted that as she continued to walk into the school.

From across the parking lot a tall, dark haired “boy” stood by his car and watched the new girl walk inside. He cocked his head to the side and closed his eyes as he smelled the air around him. He held his breath and made an agonizing face. His muscled frame leaned more on the back of the car creating a good sized dent, not that he noticed or cared. He was too interested in watching the new comer make her way through the parking lot. He was somewhat mesmerized by the way she held herself, head held high and shoulders squared like she was ready to take on anyone. He smirked at the thought, compared to him she was a small little girl. He guessed her to be no more than 5’2, maybe a little bit taller. ‘Definitely small’, he thought. He was 6’5, taller than anyone in Forks, so everyone was small next to him. His golden eyes traveled over her frame and his smirk deepened until his dimples showed; she may have been tiny but she had a figure to make any man ache.

“What are you looking at?” He looked to his right, staring at the “girl” beside him. She was also tall, just 5’9, and gave off an air of elegance. Her pale blond hair cascaded down her back in graceful waves, making her seem even more regal than the average girl. He stared down at his companion and shook his head.

“Just at the new girl, did you see her?” She just stuck up her nose and huffed out air. She really didn’t understand what the big deal was, it was just another unimportant person.

“I don’t see what the big deal is Emmett, I mean, it’s just a girl.” Emmett hugged her and kissed her temple softly.

“Of course babe, just a girl.”

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