i don't know what to believe anymore... :'(

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friends say you'r cheating,

i say your faitful.

they say i can do better,

when I've done much worse.

i only know half the truth,

the other, are the lies you speak.

what can i trust?

or should i say : who?

she says not you.

but your the only one.

all i want is the truth.

but who do i believe?

i can't trust myself

i can't trust anyone else

but you, and only you.

why do you do this to me?

take every little pice of me and turn it around?

are you happy now? i think its over.

or is it...my head says it is

but my heart say it's not

who do i belive? 

friends? they lie.

family? id cry

myself? id die

but you, i want to trust you.

how can i when i don't know what to belive...

I DON'T BELIVE IN CHEATING. why cheat? if you'r unhappy then just leave him/her, but as you can tell im to attached to my love and if i leave i don't think my heart could survive....im calling for fans help on this, please any advice...at all? what if the person you loved felt this way? what would you do? what could you say to make them stay?  im having very many doubts and i am loosing faith in myself and others....help. 

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