A Missing Shadow

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              A Missing Shadow.


An old woman once told me I was going to be quite powerful. That I would encounter countless dangers in my through out my life, she told me to prepare for my sixteenth birthday. It would all start then. Did I listen to her? No, but I should have. It would have been a hell of a lot less surprising if I had.

Chapter One: Birthday.

“Sadie! Get down here now!” My mother yelled, waking me up from a really good dream. I looked at my clock. It was ten AM. Shit! I overslept. On my birthday even.

“I’m coming mom!” I called back as I walked to my closet. I grabbed my favorite black and red plaid mini skirt and red vest. I toped it all off with my beloved boots. Not high healed. I HATE high heals!

I decided I needed a shower so I went into my bathroom. The color scheme was Black, Silver and red, same with my room. Like my Red and silver bed. It was round and hung in the air with black ropes. I think its bad ass, my mom? Not so much.

When the water was warm I stepped in. The hot water felt so good on my back so I sat down, my back to the stream. Until then, I didn’t realize how soar I was. My back ached, my arms and legs felt bruised. I looked at my lightly tanned skin, unblemished and unharmed. I huffed. I must have slept wrong or something.

When I was done I dried myself and got dressed. Then I put my make-up on. For my eyes, black eyeliner and mascara that emphasized my long, full eye lashes and white, glittery eye shadow that made my unusual golden yellow eyes pop. For my lips, a pink lip gloss that made my full lips tastes like raspberries. Yummy!

“Sadie-Ray!” My older brother, Ryan yelled.

“Jesh, hold your horses would ya?!” I yelled back.

I walked down the stairs to find my mom standing by the kitchen counter her brown hair up in a pony tail. My brother was sitting on the table, his black hair worn lose to his chin. He was lighting candles on a cake. Wow. I thought. This is a first. But were was my dad?

“Wow, a cake? What’s the catch?” I asked my mom raising one eyebrow. She smiled.

“There is no catch, it’s your sixteenth birthday it should be special.”

“Really, thanks mom.” I said hugging her.

“What, were my hug?!” Ryan exclaimed and chuckled. I hugged him.

“Where is dad?”

“He went to go pick up Grandpa Finn and Grandma Shirley. He might pick up Sabrina if she is awake.”

“Alright,” I said. “Want to go play black opps with me while we wait?”


My dad returned home forty minuets after we started playing. I was yelling at Ryan, who was camping in the corner while I killed the zombies. When I heard the front door opening I ran to the kitchen in wait.

Sabrina walked by the door, I jumped out.

“BOO!”I yelled and she jumped a foot off the ground.

“Sadie!!” She yelled laughing. Boy did I love scaring her. Sabrina was my best friend sense kindergarten when I saved her from some first grader who was about to hit her. I broke his hand.

“Happy birthday girl!” She said.

“Thanks. I’ll be right back I’m going to find my Grandparents.”

I walked into the dining room were they were chatting with mom, dad and Ryan.

“Hey there, Sadie-Girl how are you doing?” My Grandma asks, looking at me. And in a weird way, like she was checking if I was okay, or if something was different, or like she was expecting something.

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