Chapter Three

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After her sixth Corona, Rally turned to Chris, "Hey, hand me another Corona and one of those Miller Lights."

"You've been drinkin' too much." He slurred.

"No I haven't... Everyone else is just drinkin' too little, and I'm makin' up for their slack." She said, taking a shot from the line she had set up on the table. She took the Corona and Miller Light Chris handed her and began sipping from each can.

"You two are trashed!" Jared yelled, looking at them.

"So what?" She said, "Hey, Bam, Jimmy, and Dico... I have a favor to ask."

"Yeah?" Dico asked.

She nodded, "Sing me But Why's It So Cold."

Bam looked at her, "What?"

"C'mon... You're all together and this is my party." She looked at them all, "Puh-leeze?"

They looked at each other and Dico shrugged, "Sure, why not?"

The other guys shrugged and Jimmy cleared his throat, "Santa cooked your Christmas in his hobbit hole."

"But why's it so cold?" Bam asked with a lisp.

"Santa cooked your Christmas in his hobbit hole."

"But why's it so cold?"

"Santa cooked your Christmas in his hobbit hole."

"But why's it so cold?"

"Santa cooked your Christmas in his hobbit hole."

"But why's it so cold?"

Dico tried not to laugh and sang, "With this christmas we're going Dutch."

"But why's it so cold?"

"Get me outta this now!"

"But why's it so cold?"

She began laughing loudly, "I'm tired." Her words sloshed out. She tried to stand up but fell back onto the couch, shrieking with laughter.

Chris stood up, his body turning, then grabbed Rally by the arm, "Here, here I'll help ya"

Rally stood up and they staggered to her room.

Chris opened the door for Rally and helped her to her bed. He helped her sit down and then looked her up and down, "You're really hot Ral."

"I fuckin' know." She said, "Truth be told, you're not so bad lookin' yourself."

"Thanks." He looked at her, "C- Can I kiss you?"

"Yeah." Rally nodded, "I'm not gonna lie, I've been on tour for awhile, it might end up bein' more than a kiss."

Chris grinned, "Sweet!" He leaned over and touched his lips roughly to hers. He was so drunk he leaned forward too far and fell on her, "Sorry."

"Don't be." She said, pulling him closer and kissing him again. Chris took off Rally's shirt and began unbuttoning his pants.

Rally woke up the next day naked and with a headache. She turned on her side and was face to face with a naked, sleeping Chris, "Shit!"

"What?" Chris asked, waking up. He looked around then stared at Rally.

"Shit!" She repeated.

"We, uh... We fucked last night didn't we?" He asked.

"Yeah." Rally began rubbing her temples, "Great, just great."

He stood up and slipped on his boxers, "Do you see my shirt?"

She glared at him, "I dunno why you're acting so calm about this."

Chris shrugged, "We were drunk, we had sex, what's there to worry about?"

"What Bam would do if he found out for one." She said.

He pulled his pants on and shrugged, "Oh well... If you find my shirt let me know, I'm gonna give you sometime to calm down."

"I can't just calm down on command!" She yelled.

"I know... I don't get what you're so upset about though. It isn't like we ran out and got married last night." He said.

"Fine." She rolled her eyes, "Then I guess it's no big deal."

"Ok... I'm gonna go to McDonald's or somethin' for breakfast.... I'll see ya later."

"I'm gonna chill up here for a bit."

Chris left and Rally took a shower. She fixed her tangled hair and stared at her reflection for a minute. She shook her head in disbelief and started getting dressed (([polyvore])). As she finished slicking on her lipstick, Chris walked in the room holding a bag.

She turned and looked at him, "What?"

"I brought you breakfast." He said cautiously as he held the bag up.

"Thanks." Rally walked over and took the bag from his hand. She sat on her bed and started eating.

He sat beside her, "Can we talk?"


"Look, this... Just because we... I mean, uh, this doesn't mean things need to be weird, ok?"

"I guess." She said, setting her McMuffin down, only two bites taken from it.

"Ok, gimme a hug." She rolled her eyes before briefly hugging him, "Friends?"

Rally nodded, "Friends."


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