Chapter 2:

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Chapter 2:

I woke up with my head on some guys shoulder, I was confused on where I was for a few seconds, then I realized I was on the train to the airport. I quickly picked my head up off of his shoulder, realizing it was that cute guy who sat next to me earlier in the day. He apparently didn’t notice me sleeping (and drooling) on his shoulder, because he was asleep too.  I looked out of the window, and noticed that we were slowing down at a rapid pace.

“Ladies and Gentleman, ” said a voice over the intercom, and the cute  guy next to me suddenly woke up with a start “it appears that we are having some trouble with the train and we are taking an unexpected stop. Please don’t panic. Our crew is already working on figuring out the problem, and we will be on our way shortly.”

“If this takes very long, were going to miss out flight.” Said Lydia, with a yawn. “I guess, I can use a little bit more beauty sleep.” She yawned as she turned away from me, looking out the window, and closed her eyes, trying to let sleep find herself again.

“Where are you two going?” The cute guy asked me with a smile

“The airport.” I said, as if it was obvious.

“Well, duhh, but where is your plane taking you?” he asked me,

Of course that’s what he was asking me, I felt so stupid. “Minnesota.” I told him with a smile. “where going back home.”

“You live in minesota?” he asked me, “why where are you in britan then?” he said, adding onto his question.

“We live in Iowa, and Minnesota is just where the main planes are going, we have to catch onther flight to Iowa once we get there. And we just got done with a year abroad.” I said with a grin, see? I’m not stupid I thought, I’m smart.

“Oh, that makes more sense.” He said turning to his phone, and sending a quick text to a guy named Harry. Which, made me realize I didn’t even know this cutie’s name.

“I’m Meg,” I said suddenly, “since it seems like were going to be stuck here for a while, I think I’m going to learn a bit about you, and decided I should know your name.”

He chuckled to himself, with a very cute smile and… braces? Why did this guy even have braces? Nobody has braces in Britain, it just isn’t something people worry about. “I’m Niall.” He said awkwardly sticking his arm out so I could shake it. I gave his hand a shake, and noticed how nice his hands were, soft, but not too soft, and strong and firm.

“So Niall,” I started, “Where are you going once you get off this train?” I asked him, not wanting to stop talking to him, cause he was cute, nice, and didn’t seem like a jerk.

“Well, it just so seems we are going to the same place.” He said, “or at least the first place.” I was confused for a second, but then I realized he meant Minnesota. “I’m meeting my friends there and were going to work out a deal for work with some guys there.”

So he was cute, nice, wasn’t a jerk, and had a job, and another plus was he was coming to the united states, and Minnesota, so maybe I even had the plane ride there with him. “That sounds cool, what’s your job?” I asked him wondering what he could possibly need in Minisota, with his friends, when he clearly lived in Britian.

“Can you keep a secret?’ he suddenly asked leaning in towards me. I was taken aback by this sudden movent, his face was very close to mine, to close for comfort, but yet, I liked it. I had an excellent view of his lips, they looked perfect and soft, I couldn’t help but think about how nice it would be to kiss them.

“Sure,” I whispered, surly thinking it wasn’t anything big, why would he confess a huge secret to someone he doesn’t even know?

“I’m a singer.” I stated.

“Oh.” I said sitting back in my seat, of course it wasn’t going to be a secret, unless he thought singing was bad.

“So am I.” I told him, “except you must be having a little bit of better luck than me, because your going to Minnesota to work out a deal, and I’m going back to school.” I said with a smile.

“Do you know who I am?” He suddenly asked, confusion on his face.

“No…” I said, wondering why I should. “all I know is that you’re a cute guy, who stomped on my foot earlier, and now your sharing ‘secrets’ with me about you being a singer.”

He chuckled, “Ever heard of One Direction?” he asked

“Oh yeah, I like there songs You don’t know your beautiful.” I said, “its catchy.” I said with a giggle

“First off, its called What Makes You Beautiful, and second off, I’m in the band.”

“Do you expect me to believe you?” I said, “because I obviously don’t. Otherwise, im sure one of your fans would’ve reconzied you by now.”

“I’m lucky they havn’t.” he said with a  sigh, “But if you don’t believe me that’s not my problem. I am telling you the truth.

“Sure…” I said warry of this guy, why does he think hes in a band? And why would he lie to me about that?

‘Here, look them up on the interent” he said suddenly. “theres plently of pictures of us online now that we played at the olypics.

“Now you expect me to think you sang at the Olympics?” I asked knowing he was lying now.

“Why would  I lie?” he said his face showing a mask of confusion.

“Fine.” I said sitting back in my seat and grabbing my iphone, I clicked on safari and searched ‘One Direction’ I got a million pictures of these guys, mainly a guy with curly hair, and a few of a bright blonde, blue eyed guy, who looked much like the guy sitting next to me. “So, you look like the guy from One Direction, It doesn’t mean its you.” I said, still not believing that I was sitting next to a celebrity.

“Go on twitter.” He demanded me. Sighing, I clicked onto twitter, and noticed that I had gained a follower, I got sidetracked and clicked on it, and realized my ex boyfriend, had gotten a twitter and followed me. Yippie. “search Niall Horan.” He told me, I quickly searched for his name, and all that came up was one guy with a verified checkmark. “See, that’s me.” He said.

“I still don’t believe you.” I said putting my iphone away.

He sighed “Fine,” he grabbed his phone and typed a quick message. “look now” I looked back at my phone, and noticed that Niall Horan had tweeted in the past minute. I narrowed my eyes at Niall, and clicked refresh.

Do you believe me now? It read.

AN: I am also very sorry that theese chapters are super short, and not very descriptive! :/ I haven't been wriing as a hobby for very long, so I obviously need some practice and It's obvious that I could get better! lol! So, if you are somehow patient enough to sit through some not very descrpitive and bland dialouge and practically everything else, i give you a round of Apploause! (I also am not a very good speller! haha! ;/ well... If you read this far, i Hope that you'll read the rest! Thanks! :)


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