12:33 P.m...Lunch Room 

Amanda's POV: Harry ASKED ME ON A DATE! Im so happy! So we walk into the lunch room and its crowded! But luckily..Harry and Gem have a seat on the popular table...And they are going to try to squeeze me in! Yayyyy! So We all walk up to the lunch line together....We grab trays and look at the food.."I'll have the mac and cheese and the seasoned grilled chicken!" I say to the lunch lady! "Oooh! And a chocolate brownie!!" The lunch lady smiles "Finally! Someone is gonna eat one! i'll give it to your for free Sweetie!" I smile "Thanks!" "5.67!" She says and I hand her the money and I take my food...Harry and Gemma are waiting for me at the end of the line.."Ohhh yummy!" Gemma says to me "yea! looks good!" Harry says,We walk up the stairs to a big white shiny table with lots of beautiful people are sitting! When we walk up to the table everyone greets Harry and Gemma! "Heyy its Gem and Haz!" They smile "Hey guys! We have someone for you guys to meet!" They point to me "This is Amanda...She is living with me and Gem!" They all wave....The guy I saw earlier winks at me..I look away and smile at Harry..the guy who winked reaches his hand "Rod Mclane!" I shake his hand "Hi!"  I sit next to Haz and a really pretty Blonde looks at Harry then Gemma...then me! "So...Is she broke?" Gemma  puts her hand over her face..."Ugh No Goldie She is not broke! Her parents work at Facebook! They are like rich!" The girl with the blonde hair fips her blonde hair then continues in her british accent "Oh...DONT CALL ME GOLDIE! My name is Brianna!" Gem smiles "Goldie!" I laugh "Shut up Rich girl!" I gasp...Everyone else whispers among thereselves.."You know..Im gonna go eat over there.." I say..."Yea its better for everyone!" I take my lunch and walk down the stairs...I  look back and I listen to  goldie.."Humph! Wasnt SHE rude!" Harry rolls his eyes and Gemma and Harry take their lunch and follow me...I hear Harry say "Goldie! Your the freaking rude one!" I hear her whine from all the way across the lunch room "MY NAME IS BRIANNA! AHHHHH NOT FREAKING GOLDIE!" I giggle and eat my lunch....Harry and Gemma sit next to me "Sorry bout that!" Gemma says I nod "Its ok!" Harry gives me a kiss on the cheek.."She is just rude....Dont mind her!" Harry says..Trying to comfort me "Yea.." Gemma says..."Sooo!" She looks at both of us "I heard you too have a date!" Me and Harry both look down and blush "Yea...We do!! I say with a smile..."OOOOOOH! Harry LOVES Amandaaaaaaaaa!" She smiles with a big smile "I'm just kidding!"  We both sigh with relief "Or not.." She says with a whisper...I just wanna go home! And get ready for my FIRST date with Harry :) I have a feeling its gonna be...Magical! I wonder if he does like me....When that other guy,Rod talked to me he looked Jealous! But when I go back home...I think of one person...Chris! That dreamy blondie! Is it possible to love two people at the same time? I dont wanna choose! I love Harry but..I want Chris to love me...AHHH! Both are sweet and hot...I dont know what to do! I need some alone time! I need to think...I've known Harry for...Two days..And Chris..ALMOST MY WHOLE LIFE! I just wanna go home and think...What if this date with Harry isnt right...What if he thinks of me as just a "Friend..."

                                                                                      **445 At Home...** 

"Mrs.Styles we're home!" I yell as we all come in Gemma had to stop off somewhere so we had to go too.....I drop my bookbag on the carpet (where we are SUPPOSED to put them) And run to Gemma's room..I grab my phone and go on Facebook..I look up Chris' profile and read..I feel like a stalker! It feels wrong but I need to know if he mentioned me! 

Chris: Lola Mendez! Whats up! You,me movies tonight! Kay? Bye! 

I feel like reading more but that hurts me enough! I log out and shut my phone off...I cant even look at my phone..Or ANYTHING that reminds me of Chris...He tells me he has a crush then flirts with my best friend? Ugh! I open the door and look down..Gemma is downstairs eating apples..But I dont see Harry...All of a sudden I hear singing...Its coming from Harry's room...I put my ear against the wall and I hear singing and humming..."I got a date..hmm hmm..With A pretty girl..Amandaaa yayy!" I giggle,I think he does like me....:) Like he says...YAYYYYYYYY! :) I'm excitied! I have to get ready for our date..."Hmmm what to wear what to wear!" I look at some dresses I have....But nothing is good enough...So I grab something that is eye catching but hot and fun at the same time! I grab my Eliza J stretch cotton dress with the little ruffles...I grab some low white heels and put my hair down...I look beautiful! I grab my black purse and I sit on the bed i put on some pink lipstick and silver bangles..Then I pace around the room looking at some posters and pictures on the wall....I see Harry at like 4 at picture day...He looks Adorable! I look at Gemma and Harry together....They look so happy...I wish I had a brother or sister...I'm an only child...But the only thing is...I wonder why we are going to the movies so EARLY! But I dont ask.....I wait for Harry by texting Lola...I need to get to the bottom of this!! I need to know....

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